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This week’s Assembly on Monday provided the Third Year boys with more than a little food for thought. With Thursday being World Philosophy Day, Mr Talman and Mr Lori held a lively debate on the topics of free will and whether we have the ability to make a choice in certain matters. It certainly proved entertaining for the boys and provided them with some good tips for their second PSHE lesson on Oracy skills later in the week.

This week also marks the annual Anti-Bullying Week and Mr Morris reminded the boys to always exhibit kindness towards each other, as is the Hampton way. It was also a timely reminder that just standing by and allowing bullying to happen is akin to condoning it, and bystanders should instead aim to be courageous and report such behaviours to members of staff. We are lucky at Hampton that such behaviours are rare but it would be remiss to ignore these particularly important messages from Mr Morris.

The second Oracy lesson on Thursday had the Third Year boys learning key tips about communication and debate by watching clips from the Houses of Parliament and Prime Minister’s Questions (Ed – are you sure they learnt anything??) It was great to hear the boys’ thoughts on what aspects of oracy they thought the MPs excelled in and what aspects they could improve upon – there was general agreement that our elected representatives were rather better at speaking than listening!

Heads of Year Message

We are very grateful this week to all the Third Year council reps who met with Mr Moore to discuss the suggestions made by their respective forms. The discussions were thoughtful and mature and the outcome was that Edmund N and Jasper D were elected as Third Year reps for the full School Council meeting. They will represent the Year Group and raise the following agenda items:

  • Coming into School in Games kit post-COVID
  • Allow Third Year pupils to do Homework in Form rooms in a half lunchtime slot

This meeting followed a discussion within each Form Group during a tutor period, so each boy has had the opportunity to raise their views and participate in the ensuing discussions and class votes.

We are delighted that the boys have participated so keenly in this process and we will ensure that the suggestions put forward are given a fair hearing at School Council.

Best wishes

Mr T. Rigby & Miss V. Smith

Keyboard Concert

Many congratulations to Adam G, Harry S and Thomas H whose performances in the Keyboard Concert were broadcast this week. It was super to see such talented keyboardists at work and we in the Third Year team have no doubts that these boys will go from strength to strength with their music in years to come. Well done, chaps!

Festival of Carols

The Third Year members of the School Choir will record their pieces for the Festival of Carols on Saturday 21 November from 11am, as well as rehearsing as normal on Wednesday at 12.35pm. The finished pieces, containing contributions from all year groups, should be something quite spectacular!

Food Bank Collections

Hampton School’s collections in support of Feltham Food Bank will begin again this week. Over the summer months,  over 70 crates of food and toiletries were donated to local families in need in Bedfont, Hanworth, Feltham and surrounding areas. Donations can be dropped off every day at the entrance pupils use on arrival at School in the mornings.

Our School Captain, Jamie, tells us how you can help:

The Food Bank would be particularly grateful for the following items:

  • UHT milk
  • Tins of soup
  • Tins of tuna
  • Tins of meat (such as mince or hotdogs)
  • Tins of vegetables
  • Baked beans
  • Tins of fruit
  • Tins of rice pudding
  • Small packets of basmati rice
  • Small packets of pasta
  • Toiletries (such as shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste)

Rugby Update

Despite the enforced lack of inter-school fixtures at the moment, that hasn’t stopped the U14 Rugby players throwing themselves into training recently. The boys reported on a recent training session:

We started off by splitting into four teams of equal abilities and played three matches. The matches were sevens. We all played each other. There were a lot of tries scored and the teams were called pumas, panthers, lions and cheetahs. After this we played tug of war and each team contributed their top five players to compete in the tug of war.

I’m reliably informed that sumo wrestling might be on the agenda in weeks to come – phew!

Question of the week

Congratulations to the 87% of you who correctly recognised that energy is required to break the bonds in the reactants in order for chemical reactions to begin.

Have a great weekend!

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