With our traditional Christmas community and charity events unable to take place this term, the School is running Hampton’s 12 Days of Christmas to encourage Hamptonians to show their generosity of spirit and kindness during the festive season. Between 1 December – 12 December, pupils will be encouraged to think of others and carry out acts of giving and kindness. Form Charity Organiser, Mrs Augusta Samuel, says it is a wonderful way for all in the community to take a moment to show their appreciation of others:

In the current circumstances it is hard to run our normal charity events but we hope that the Hampton School 12 Days of Christmas initiative is an ideal way for all of us to demonstrate the spirit of the season.


Hampton’s 12 Days of Christmas

Tuesday 1 December:  Foodbank Collection – Tinned food (soup, tuna, vegetables, fruit, meat, beans)

Wednesday 2 December: Friendship – We take a moment to be thankful for our friendships and show our appreciation

Thursday 3 December:  Foodbank Collection – Rice or Pasta 

Friday 4 December: Bring in a chocolate bar – chocolate gift bags for local community organisations.

Saturday 5 December:  Good Deed – Boys and Staff encouraged to exhibit kindness and complete a good deed 

  • Cook dinner for your family
  • Take out the recycling
  • Walk your dog

Sunday 6 December: Gratitude – Write a thank you card to a friend or a family member

Monday 7 December:  Giving – support the Form Charity Quiz & The Big Give

Tuesday 8 December:  Foodbank Collection – Shampoo, shower-gel, toothpaste

Wednesday 9 December:  Christmas Wish – Hang your wish on the Christmas Tree

Thursday 10 December:  Foodbank Collection – UHT Milk

Friday 11 December:  Christmas Spirit – Mufti Day in aid of Form Charity (wear your Christmas Jumpers & Hats etc.)

Saturday 12 December:  Commitment – Commit to doing a good deed during the holiday



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