Welcome to the Second Year Blog!

Welcome to the first blog of the year, and after six months away, it has been fantastic to finally walk back through the front gates into Hampton! In this short week, the Second Year have loved catching up with friends, playing football on the School fields and meeting their teachers in person!! They have taken in their stride all the changes to their usual routine that are in place to keep everyone safe; from different lunch times and locations, following the one-way system, and wiping down their desks at the end of lessons to name a few!

Thank you to the following boys for sharing with us their thoughts on being back!

Avi (2H)

I was delighted to come back to Hampton after nearly six months in lockdown! Being with my friends was something that I had definitely missed. This is a happy moment for me and probably all Hamptonians.

Patrick (2H)

I was a bit anxious before starting school because of the new rules, and I was really pleased to see how the school handled the guidelines. I enjoyed seeing my old friends again and to catch up with them. I was pleased to meet all my Second Year teachers, and was glad to start the flow of learning again.

Elliot (2H)

Going back to real school has been an enjoyable experience, as I have got to see many of my friends who I haven’t seen for almost six months! We have had most of our lessons in the same room which has been a joy as I have not had to carry my heavy backpack around school!

Harry (2H)

I have so far really enjoyed school as it is nice to be back to normality and seeing my friends again!

It is fantastic to hear how much you are all enjoying being back and I am looking forward to sharing all of your achievements this year in our weekly blog, whether it be in the classroom, co-curricular, or even outside of school! We will also be hosting competitions that you can get involved in, and hope that many of you will contribute to our bulletins!

Parents, if your son has any news that should be mentioned in a future bulletin, please do encourage them to email me at r.kugele@hamptonschool.org.uk and I shall be delighted to include it. Merits are given for all contributions that make it into the bulletin.

Have a great weekend!

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