The annual First Year trip to Avon Tyrrell was an exciting trip of friendship, fun and team work.

First Year Hamptonians enjoyed their traditional team building visit to Avon Tyrrell but this year in a day trip format. The activities were planned in a way that kept everyone safe, while still providing some much needed outdoor education and team building opportunities. The boys spent the morning earning as many points as possible in a variety of challenges, ranging from Archery to the Adventure Course and Silent Signals to Semaphore Flags.

For the afternoon challenge, the First Years used their points to earn materials from which to build their own enormous trebuchet. The trebuchets were fantastic and launched tennis balls across the Avon Tyrrell grounds in a series of exciting challenges designed to test height, distance and aim. The weather could not have been better. Clear blue skies and sunshine helped to create the perfect environment as the First Years developed their lateral thinking, communication and team work skills.

Joint Head of First Year, Mr Tom Hill, was delighted with how the new arrivals embraced their first School trip away:

All the boys really enjoyed their experience and we were delighted that we were able to include our traditional trip to Avon Tyrrell on our induction programme, even in this most challenging of times. It was lovely to see the boys working so well as a team and I have no doubt that many new friendships will have been formed.

Take a look at some of the photos and video from Avon Tyrrell to find out what our First Years got up to:


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