Lower School pupils participated in a Virtual Arts Award Creative Skills Morning encouraging them to explore new creative interests.

The aim of the event was for Hamptonians to develop new skills, such as writing, artistic or modelling, whilst giving feedback to pupils in the Third and Fourth Years who have been working on their Arts Awards. To replace this year’s Leadership Day, pupils completing the Arts Award made tutorial videos teaching a range of creative arts skills. Participants had the opportunity to watch and comment on the tutorial, before putting some of the creative skills into practice and pursuing a project of their own.

Pupils produced a great and diverse variety of work, including: poems, songs, films, drawings, stories, computer games and photographs.

Co-ordinator of the Arts Award, Miss Louise Teunissen, was delighted with how much Hamptonians enjoyed the event:

Virtual Arts Award Leadership Day provided an enjoyable variation for pupils and a good opportunity to learn and experience something new and creative. Lower School pupils embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly, and I congratulate the Third and Fourth Year boys who put so much effort into their tutorials to provide an inspirational teaching experience for their peers.

Feedback proved overwhelmingly positive, with many Lower School pupils commenting that they found the morning hugely enjoyable, greatly appreciating the opportunity to learn new skills. Some have even been inspired to take up new hobbies or complete an Arts Award project in the future!

A flavour of the tutorials and creative projects produced can be seen below:

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