Our Fourth Years were delighted to be walking into School this week after the Government permitted pupils in years 10 and 12 in England to return to secondary school (Fourth Year and Lower Sixth at Hampton).  Lower Sixth Hamptonians will be welcomed back to the School site in a week’s time.

It is almost three months since the Government announced the commencement of lockdown, which forced all UK education establishments to close. To ensure that Hamptonians continued to receive the best education possible in these challenging circumstances, the School has been running e-Hampton, providing boys with a balance of guided home learning, pastoral care, co-curricular activities and fun challenges.

Whilst ‘virtual’ schooling has proven to be highly successful during lockdown, the chance for boys to re-connect with each other, and their teachers, in person this week was undeniably a significant milestone for all. Head of Fourth Year, Mr Guy Baker commented:

I’ve been really impressed with the way that the boys have embraced and coped with e-Hampton and their online learning, but we are absolutely thrilled to have them back in school so that they can have some much needed face-to-face time with each other and their Form Tutors.  We have certainly missed having pupils on-site at Hampton and it is great to hear the place full of excitement and laughter again.

Both Fourth Year and Lower Sixth face public exams next summer and they will be using their time in School in the coming weeks to check that they are on track before the next academic year. Teachers will be on hand to offer support where required and also monitor progress and pupils’ well-being.



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