Creative Fifth Year Hamptonians have written their own lockdown literature this term, in response to poetry and journalism.

In the early days of their timetabled Teams sessions and online guided home learning, pupils in two Fifth Year English classes read and discussed different articles, poems and prose pieces by published writers as a result of Covid-19.

The boys were then set a challenge to produce their own pieces of creative writing, in response to living in lockdown. You can read a selection of just some of their writing below, produced at what was a particularly difficult time for many young people in the UK.

Many of the accompanying images were selected by the pupil authors, as a visual representation of their ideas. Lower Sixth pupil Oscar Nolan’s satirical drawing, inspired by the work of Pieter Bruegel, also reflects some of the key images associated with the Covid-19 crisis and accompanies the written pieces. We hope you enjoy reading Lockdown Literature

living with lockdown

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