A short film by Fifth Year Oskar Chu has been selected for this year’s Barnes Film Festival. Oskar’s film entitled ‘A Dream with Hellish Intent‘ was shot in Cornwall and features a boy experiencing both the wide and open landscape around him and the smaller intricacies of nature.  It focusses on the awe-inspiring and sometimes intimidating impact of our natural surroundings.

Oskar, who is thrilled to have his film selected for the Youth Showcase section of the festival, says:

The film should draw you into the world this boy is in, by describing every small detail around him. If nothing else the landscape should feel beautiful but melancholic.

Oskar’s film was selected from over 100 different submissions and is being screened at the 2020 Barnes Film online festival in the ‘Youth Showcase’  during June.
Director, Sam Cullis, congratulated Oskar on his achievement:
 He has shown maturity and craft in the construction of his short film that demonstrates huge potential as a filmmaker. Someone to look out for. Well done Oskar!
View Oskar’s short film ‘A Dream with Hellish Intent’
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