Welcome to the Third Year Blog!

Well done everyone for reaching the end of a busy week at e-Hampton.

Your resilience in the face of adversity and your collective determination to make the most of the opportunities that remain available are impressive features of the term so far.

Form tutor meetings

Some of you will already have met in small groups with one of your Form Tutors on Thursday. For others, this will happen next week during a Form Period. We hope that you will share your experiences of guided home learning, explain how you have stayed active, or tell us about an achievement at home or in your local community. It will also provide a timely opportunity to discuss your revision plans for the end of year assessments after half term.

End of year assessments

Individual subject teachers will provide guidance on the appropriate revision materials and exercises in each subject. Overall, we would advise that boys do some revision over the half term holiday, but that this should be timetabled, “chunked” (with breaks), proportionate (no more than four hours a day) and it should not interfere with family time, fresh air or exercise. It is important that you get a chance to rest as well.

Year Group council

Mr Neville is arranging a Year Group council meeting for next week. If you have any constructive feedback about your experience of guided home learning (or anything else which you think is pertinent) please pass it on to your Form Council representative, so they can raise it at the meeting. Your Form Tutors may coordinate a brief discussion early next week to coordinate your Form’s responses.

A reminder about Firefly registration:

You must all register on Firefly that you are ready to start work by 8:45am each morning. Please make sure you remember to do this every day, unless you are unwell – in which case your parents will need to contact the Hampton Absence Line.

Blog Challenge

Well done to everyone who ran 5km and submitted a time this week – please keep your blog contributions coming via email to Mr Moore (h.moore@hamptonschool.org.uk).

Well done for all your efforts so far this term. We really have been impressed with the response of Third Years to the challenges of the new learning environment.

Keep up the good work next week – just one week to go until a half term break!

As always, please do let us or your Form Tutors know if you are having any difficulties.

Enjoy the weekend!

Best wishes

Miss Smith & Mr Rigby

Third Year Special Mentions

Good luck to Oliver Goodchild for rowing for charity this weekend on an ergo. Here is some more info from Oliver:

My family and I are doing a 100km rowing challenge over the weekend and we are trying to raise as much money as we can for a good cause. We are supporting a charity called “Loveworks” who are a brilliant local charity whose projects are designed to help where there may be an unmet need in our community and at present support: Ending food poverty for all, social isolation, loneliness in older people and coaching to improve confidence and resilience in young adults.

Arts Award

Well done to Oscar Tejura for completing his Arts Award Project on investigating how much different age groups know about food stability in the future and how much it will affect them.

Well done to Joe Esson for completing his Arts Award project, a short film called ‘Brothers’.

Well done to Sam Berresford for completing his Arts Award Project. Here is a report from Sam and photos of his project:

It is a sculpture that explores biophilia, biophilia is the human connection with nature and other forms of life, usually it embraces the senses. I decided to create this sculpture because i am fascinated in the art world and it is also similar to my explore project in first year. It is made from recycled Christmas tree lights, as well as this it is also made from recycled parts to a backup data computer.

VE Day Celebrations

Here is Abhishekdev Ramesh from class 3D.

On Friday 8 May, the 75th VE Day, my neighbourhood had an incredible celebration.

Skill of the Week

Take a look at Tom Short’s Skill of the Week – learning how to do a back flip. Well done Tom! Send in your Skill of the Week to Mr Moore.

Well done to Ishaan Das for his amazing design work on his a decorative lamp:


Here are some top tips for looking after your mental and physical wellbeing during the lockdown period:

  1. Stay active – get some exercise every day (see below for PE and Sports activities available).
  2. Complete your daily online lessons and tasks.
  3. Speak to your friends and family.
  4. Find time to read a book.
  5. Give yourself some space and time to reflect.
  6. Keep your room and workspace tidy and clean.

Third Year Lockdown Challenge

Please send in photos of your Lockdown challenge and we will publish them in the Blog next week!

The Challenge this week was to run 5K. Well done to everyone who took part!

Congrats to Miss Smith for a new 5K PB of 22:36s!

Mr Moore clocked 30:18s for 6.5K.

Here is Matthew Irvine’s 5 mile time and route in this virtual race:

The Third Year Lockdown Challenge for next week is… to make a flag out of food! (see below for inspiration)

Third Year Lockdown Activities

Please send in your photos and we will publish in the Blog next week!

Jamie Matthew has been using the lockdown to do anything related to his passion for engineering. This has included rebuilding an outboard motor for his brother’s small dinghy, building his own new desk chair and a new bookcase. He has also subscribed to a monthly engineering challenge and has so far built a wooden lock box and a pinball machine.

Lockdown Cooking

Here is Krishan Singah cooking for his family and his recipe for Chicken Curry…

Krishan’s Chicken Curry Recipe and instructions

Ingredients: Chicken pieces, Potatoes – peeled, Tomatoes / quartered, Onions – chopped, Coriander – to cook and some for garnish

Spices: Cinnamon stick, cardamom, star anise, cloves, chilli, curry leaves (optional), curry powder 2 tbs, chilli powder 1 tbs

  • Mix powder with some water to form paste
  • Add 2 tbs oil to pan and brown the onion in the pan. Add spices – stir fry to release aroma. Add chilli paste. Let it cook gently. Add salt to taste.
  • Add chicken and potatoes. Mix in paste, add water if required. Let it cook a bit.
  • Wash and cut some coriander for garnish. Set aside.
  • Add in tomatoes and coriander.
  • Add some coconut milk, if desired, to thicken curry.
  • Gently stir and let chicken cook evenly.
  • Cover pan and simmer.
  • Et voilà! Bon appétit!

Hampton@Home Activities – The Alphabet Workout

This week’s H@H workout is a very creative workout devised by Third Year Oliver Townend, in response to one of our PE tasks – massive thanks to Oliver for putting this together!

Challenge a family member or friend, to Oliver’s random workout using words! You can also test your foreign language vocabulary, by choosing a topic for words set in one of your languages at Hampton, or a new language you are learning!

  • Decide on the language and word length for the workout.
  • List the alphabet and prescribe an exercise and time or quantity to each letter.
  • Take it in turns to randomly draw out or tell each other a word.
  • The longer the words, the more exercise to do in each set!

We hope you enjoy the workout.  You can choose your own exercises and times/quantities for each letter, or try Oliver’s suggestion below:

A:15 Pushups

B:50 Jumping Jacks

C:20 Crunches

D: 10 Burpees

E: 60-second wall sit

F: 20 Arm Circles

G: 20 squats

H: 30 Jumping Jacks

I: 60 second plank

J: 20 Mountain climbers

K: 40 crunches

L: 12 Burpees

M: 15 Squat Jumps

N:10 Pushups

O: 20 lunges

P: 10 Tricep Dips

Q: 20 Jumping Jacks

R: 60 second plank

S: 30 bicycle crunches

T: 60 second wall sit

U:40 high knees

V: 30 squats

W: 15 tricep dips

X: 10 Mountain climbers

Y: 12 jumping lunges

Z: 30 crunches

Have a great weekend!

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