Greatest Sporting Moments


Over the summer term, Hampton Sports Chronicle team will be featuring some of the top moments in the School’s sporting history.  Every week, they will feature four golden moments and our community will be asked to vote on their favourite, culminating in a final vote-off to establish the ‘best’ sporting moment in Hampton’s history. Pupil editor, Josh Bartholomew, explains more:

In the Spring 2013 edition of the Hampton Sports Chronicle, the School’s Headmaster at the time – Mr Barry Martin – noted that “it’s impossible to rank Hampton’s greatest sporting moments.” What Mr Martin didn’t foresee, however, was the context of a crippling global pandemic, amidst which the HSC’s editorial team were granted more time than ever before to undertake such a prodigious task.

So, armed with numerous past editions of the HSC and extensive digital archives, Mr Smith and I have compiled what we think is an exhaustive list of Hampton’s greatest sporting successes. While it is impossible to come up with a logarithmic, formulaic scale for assessing the magnitude of a sporting success, we have attempted to cover a variety of different bases.

We have of course had to make some subjective judgements which are probably not going to be to everyone’s liking. For example, while there are numerous Olympic rowing medals (to the Boat House’s immense credit, of course) we tried to limit it to one moment and opted for the Searles’ success at the 1992 Olympic Games. Similarly, while there were three ISFA triumphs to choose from, we went for 2012, where the First XI’s glory was combined with an U15A Cup win too.

We have, therefore, a list of various sports and various moments – both by individuals and teams – spanning the many decades for which Hampton has been a dominant sporting force. The group is by no means entirely exhaustive, but we’ve endeavoured to cover a broad range of successes.

Over the next term, we’ll be releasing four reports a week and asking you – our readership – to vote on Twitter. Eventually, we hope, we’ll have come to some sort of judgement over the identity of Hampton’s greatest contemporary sporting success.

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this Week’s Sporting Moments

First XV reach Daily Mail Vase final, 2009

After years of incremental progress on the rugby field, Hampton reached their first major national final, playing against John Cleveland School at Twickenham.

Hampton storm Schools’ Head of the River, 2013

In the halcyon days of Hampton rowing, six out of seven boats won Gold in this national event.

Akbar Ansari’s Varsity heroics, 2008

With Cambridge languishing after an early batting collapse, Akbar Ansari scored a brilliant 193 to save his university and carry them to victory.

Henley Royal Regatta 1985

The first of four wins in five years at Henley, the First VIII won the School’s first ever Princess Elizabeth Cup in 1985, beating celebrated Americans St Paul’s School, Concord in the final.

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