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Lots of you have been busy this week, from cooking, and recreating sporting moments, to completing skills challenges! Keep up the great work and it is hard to believe that we only have one more week until May half term!


Please keep track of any merits you receive this term and remember to tell Mrs Owen when you achieve your next 10!


Get a ball in the bin from 20 metres!

Take a look at this video of Joe (2B) nailing it!

Go on give it a try! Send in your videos and we can share these in future blogs!


Oliver (2H) has re-enacted the final ball of last year’s World Cup Cricket final.

Have a go at recreating your own favourite sporting moment! Send in your videos and we can share these in future blogs!


For French this week boys in 2H have been making crêpes! Well done boys these look great!





Joe (2B) has also been busy baking this amazing cake!

Zakir (2J) made this chocolate milkshake! Looks delicious!


If you would like to learn how to make quick and tasty lunches, then you can join in with a daily lunchtime cook-along. The classes are run by a leading chef at Jamie Oliver Cookery School and supported by the Laidlaw Foundation. The ingredients you need come from the Bite Back 2030 Shopping list found here: https://www.biteback2030.com/real-story/cook-jack

‘Cook with Jack’ is shown live on YouTube everyday all you need to do is tune into Bite Back 2030 here: https://www.youtube.com/c/biteback2030


Another lovely Haiku from Rohan (2B) this week!

Love one another

Spend time with those close to you

Family comes first

Why don’t you have a go at writing your own Haiku, perhaps about life in lockdown, and we can share these too.


Thank you to Ishan (2W) for sharing another great drawing this week!



Monday 11 May 12.35 2B v 2L
1.00 2J v 2H
Friday 15 May 12.35 2L v 2P
1.00 2W v 2J
Monday 18 May 12.35 2P v 2B
1.00 2H v 2W
Friday 23 May 12.35 The Final


Each match in the group stage lasted between 15-20 minutes. If you are not familiar with the format, it is a lot like University Challenge on TV but not exactly the same!


  • Four people on a team, one of whom is the captain
  • First there is a starter question. If you know the answer, you “buzz in” with your name. On this question no conferring with team mates is allowed.
  • If you get a starter question wrong, someone from the other team may buzz in without conferring
  • If nobody gets the starter question right, the quizmaster will ask another. Whichever team answers a starter question correctly will then be asked three bonus questions.
  • You can confer with your teammates on bonus questions and your captain must give the answer for your team.
  • If you get a bonus question wrong, it WILL be passed over to the other team.
  • All correct answers (starter or bonus) are worth 10 points. Every point will count towards your overall standing in the competition.

First round results from Monday are as follows:

2B 290 v 2L 80

2J 190 v 2H 160

Results from Friday:

2J 330 v 2W 50

2P 250 v 50 2L

Which means 2J book a spot in the final!

2B and 2P will play off for the other final spot on Monday.


The competition will take place during the afternoon and early evening of your sports afternoon on Monday.  You will receive an email during the morning, that will contain the rules/guidelines and a link to a Microsoft form to complete after your activity.  You will score points for participating in one activity, related to how long you perform the activity for (see scoresheet).

There is a wide spread of activities and timings to allow all of you to participate and make as fair and engaging competition as possible. You will score points by going beyond an activity ‘threshold’.

For Example: Completing a walk that afternoon/evening, will receive 1pt for walking 20mins or beyond, but will receive 3pts, if they continue the walk beyond 30mins.

You can only complete one activity and the most points any individual can score is 5.  The form will include a file upload for evidence, which will be check by your PE teachers! You should all now be used to evidencing activity, from your PE tasks.

Have a great weekend!

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