Alex Brown OH (2013) is just one Hamptonian who has been involved in vital projects in the nation’s efforts to tackle COVID-19.

Alex, who works for McLaren Automotive Ltd as a Design Engineer in the Concept Design Team, is normally involved in creating innovative and creative engineering solutions. However his role has now shifted from high performance supercars to helping to produce medical ventilators for the NHS.

A team from the McLaren Group was assembled to help increase the supply of ventilators as part of the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium.

Alex’s work as a designer has been focused on the Smiths Ventilator (a portable ventilator used by first response crews). The production process for the ventilators is highly complex and involves the use of 18 unique test boxes to validate components within the device during assembly by the Supercar Prototype Build Team at the McLaren Technology Centre. Alex’s engineering expertise has been essential in helping to replicate and expand the ventilator design process.



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