Victory in Europe (VE) Day is celebrated every year on 8 May and this year marks 75 years since the Allied victory in Europe. Pupils in the History, Archives & Archaeology Club have spent the past six months trawling the School archives to research the experience of Hamptonians during the war and in May, we will launch a ‘Hampton during World War Two History Trail’ on the School website.

Your School Needs You! We would like to collate the memories of World War Two from our Hampton School community and this is where we need you.

Does your family have memories of the war that you are willing to share? For example, how were your parents, grandparents or great grandparents involved in or affected by the war? Do you have photographs, letters, diaries or artefacts that you’d be willing to share copies of?

If you have a story you would like to share please send us up to 200 words and a picture to and

On VE Day and in the week leading up to it some of the stories will be published digitally to share with the Hampton School community. Mr Wilkinson, Assistant Head, recently shared his family story:

My granny (now 98) was one of Churchill’s secretaries in the war rooms. She also attended the Quebec conference with him. She says he was never anything other than faultlessly polite and charming to her!

The picture below shows Mr Wilkinson’s granny with her great grandson, Elijah.



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