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It has been a very strange last week of term for us all! Well done to everyone for adapting so well to the challenges of remote learning; you have managed to keep yourselves busy and productive which is no easy feat in the circumstances! I hope you can enjoy a well-earned rest over the Easter Holidays with your families, and I am sure that the next few weeks will pose their own challenges; namely keeping yourselves occupied!  As Hamptonians you have already proved yourselves to be very resilient and inventive, so I am sure that you will adapt to having to stay at home! Our Second Year blog will continue after the break and will hopefully enable you all to stay connected and keep you feeling part of a wider community!


Your Form Tutors have all been in touch with you this week; please remember that although School is closed we are all still here for you and your Form Tutors should be your first point of contact if you have any issues.

In addition to available contact with your Form Tutors, Head of Year and the School Counsellors, please remember that we have launched Tootoot for pupils as another way in which you can pass on any concerns you may have about your own well being or that of any of your friends. You can do this either through the Tootoot app or through the website https://tootoot.co.uk/

Tootoot does not automatically reveal the sender’s name to the teachers who monitor the platform at Hampton, but simply displays their Year Group. It cannot be a fully anonymous system because we are obliged to be able to find out who messages are from if they cause the teacher to be concerned.  There is, therefore, a way that teachers can find out the identity of the sender if they need to do so, but they aim to respond to the messages without revealing the sender’s identity whenever possible.


We are all having to get used to many more restrictions on our day-to-day lives and with the Easter holidays now upon us we may start to feel this more keenly. We might normally be looking forward to going out with our friends, visiting the cinema, theme parks, museums, and sports fixtures amongst other things. However, when you put your mind to it there are so many things that can be done at home!

The sun has been shining this week and our PE & Sport Department have been busy planning a whole range of skills and exercise challenges to keep you active. Mr Mills kicks us off with a press up challenge and Mr Chaveneau shows us some nifity footwork. Go on, give it a try!

There are also lots of ideas on the Second Year Firefly Page (navigation below):

Firefly – Resources – Academic Depts. – PE&Sport – School Closure Exercise Plan – Second Year

It is still possible to keep in contact with your friends, so please do support each other! And lots of places can be visited virtually! For example, The British Museum and the Museum of London are both launching virtual experiences online which you might want to check out, and of course you could also have a ‘cinema’ night at home.

Here’s a quick list of other things that you could try!

  • Get painting or drawing
  • Have a go at origami
  • Play a board game
  • Complete a puzzle
  • Learn how to cook
  • Help with chores! Learn how to use the washing machine!
  • Write a short story

Please send in your own ideas and let us know what you have had a go at so we can feature these in future blog posts to inspire others!


Take a look at this fantastic video put together by the Moder Languages department reminding us of a very important message! Can you spot your languages teacher?


Mrs Samuel and Mr Sims have shared a great idea with 2L on how to keep busy, which some of you might also want to have a go at! It is called the Guinness World Record challenge, which can be found here https://kids.guinnessworldrecords.com/activities/try-this-at-home/.

Take a look at this video of Mr Sims attempting one of the challenges!

Go on give it a go and let us know how you get on!


Thank you to everyone that has submitted a ‘hobbies!’ themed photo for our competition this term. Since you are all going to be busy exploring both current and new hobbies over the break, I have decided to extend the deadline for entries until after the Easter Holidays. So please do send in your photos, and I’ll announce a winner in the first week back.

Alec (2J) “On Target”

Have a great Easter break!

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