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This week has been a challenging one for the whole of the Hampton community but our First Years have continued with their high-spirited levels of enthusiasm. The boys have had to familiarise themselves with accessing and uploading work to Firefly and exploring different methods of learning.

Message from Mrs Peattie

Grade cards will be available to view on the parent portal at the end of the term, an email will be sent to parents notifying them when they are available.  Boys and parents are welcome to get in touch with any queries relating to these.

Whilst we expect boys to work productively at home next week, getting through the tasks set on Firefly, please remember the holiday is not far away and we want all boys to relax and make the most of the three week break.  Please let me stress I do not want or expect any boys to be working over the Easter break!

During this period away from School, the pastoral team remains available to any boy in need of support, so please do email us with any concerns you might have.  I also do want to be kept informed of any good news, so that we can celebrate it in the First Year blog.  We hope to continue to send you updates and we will rely on boys to let us know what they are doing to fill their time and perhaps give us some top tips about how to fill ours! Photos are, of course, most welcome too.

Thinking of you all over these coming weeks and I look forward to seeing you back in School in the not too distant future.

Mrs Peattie


Monday saw the annual tea party following on from cooking week. The boys enjoyed many treats they had baked with love at home and particularly enjoyed sharing their goodies with other members of the Form. From brownies to cookies, Victoria sponges to scones the First Year Form Tutors were very impressed with the culinary skills our pupils have shown.


Keep sending in your your recipes, permission slips and photographs to Mr Hill!


This Tuesday saw the annual Lower School Science Fair, showcasing innovative projects that Hampton pupils have been investigating over the past few weeks. It was great to see a wide variety of scientific experiments, from electromagnets to finding out about plant growth in terrariums. The Chemistry, Biology and Physics teachers were very impressed with all the entries on display.

Take a look at some of the highlights of the Science Fair 2020:



We thought it would be nice to think of new skills we could learn from home. This week is sign language week. The challenge is to see how many sign language basic phrases you can learn. Use the video below and if you’re feeling confident with putting together a sentence send through videos of your progress to Mrs Halford and we’ll include some of them in the next blog!


Our U12 Football teams were keen to play against Whitgift and Claremont Fan Court School. For our U12A, B and D teams they were able to walk away with wins, well done! Our U12B team had to show extreme resilience in their very challenging match against Whitgift School last weekend, showing great sportsmanship and team spirit.

The U12B Rugby team had a brilliant match against Ibstock Place School scoring 40 points to their 15.

Despite many matches being postponed this week the First Year boys are still enjoying playing on the 3G, especially with the weather being so lovely this week.


A few questions for you to have a go or challenge people at home and see if they know the answer. If you think you know all five, email your answers to Mrs Halford.

  1. Which bird is the only bird that can fly backwards?
  2. In which film is the famous line “Here’s looking at you, kid” said?
  3. Name the goalkeeper in the 1966 winning England team?
  4. Who, or what, is General Sherman?
  5. From which play does the line “What you egg?” come from?


It was, of course, a window!



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