John O’Malley from the charity Orangutan Appeal UK will warn that the orangutan is in danger of extinction in his lunchtime Talk! on Thursday 13 February in the Hammond Theatre.

Orangutan Appeal UK is a charity dedicated to protecting the remaining wild populations of orangutans across Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo. Once found throughout much of Southeast Asia, the red ape now only survives in small populations in increasingly fragmented patches of forest on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Since the 1970s, the plight of the orangutan has become severe with a 50% decline in population leading to the International Union for Conservation of Nature declaring the orangutan critically endangered, one step away from being extinct in the wild.

On Thursday 13 February, at 12.45pm, John will be talking to pupils and members of the Hampton Community in a Talk! entitled Their Lives in your Hands. John will discuss the work of Orangutan Appeal UK, how critical the situation is regarding the Bornean orangutan and how we can help protect this endangered species. Tickets are free but must be reserved at

Hampton School continues to support Orangutan Appeal UK through fund raising activities and has helped purchase much needed X-ray equipment, which has been vital in improving the care of the orangutans. More information about the charity can be found by visiting Orangutan Appeal UK.



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