Pioneering climber and coach, Neil Gresham OH (1989) returned to Hampton to give a Talk! about his climbing career.

During the presentation, Neil shared a brief history of his ascent into the climbing world. He explained how when he was in School, there were no climbing facilities. However, with the help of Mr David Clarke who still heads The Adventure Society today, climbing walls were introduced to the School. Talking to both Hampton pupils and members of the community, Neil presented a collection of photographs from his adventures over the years, sharing anecdotes and frequently returning to the inspiration that his Hampton experiences gave him.

Later in the afternoon a masterclass at the Hampton School Climbing Wall was held with eight current pupils. Neil shared some techniques alongside words of advice on proper climbing form. The session was great fun  and had an immediate effect on the boys’ performance on the climbing walls.

Mr Clarke commented on the day:

It was lovely to have Neil back at the School. Everyone at the Talk! as well as the masterclass commented on his infectious enthusiasm for the sport which he attributed to the influence of the Hampton ethos and the encouragement of The Adventure Society. We wish him all the best in his career.


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