This week saw the second Inter-Form competition for our First Years, the Inter-Form Basketball competition. This competition runs all year with a number of different events such as Chess, Football and Rugby, ending in the Swimming Gala on the last day of term.

Congratulations to all students who were involved, it was a close competition and thank you to all those who supported from the balcony.


For those of you who attended the Classical Spectacular this is a reminder that the Music Department will be running a competition, boys are invited to write a review of the concert and the best entry will be published in The Lion and the Music Society Newsletter. Merits will also be awarded for any entry. Please email your reviews to E.Esser@hamptonschool.org.uk, happy reviewing!

A taster of some of the entries, Joshi R reports:

Settled in our seats with plenty of snacks and drinks, the lights suddenly went dim and a single blazing spotlight fell upon the stage; the concert had begun. The first piece was an exhilarating frantic tune, awe-inspiring to watch, that was accompanied astoundingly by surreal laser effects that made us all gasp and goggle. From that moment on, everybody knew that what was in store for us would be far beyond what we could even have imagined. Piece after piece brought a range of emotions that shook my very core. From pride and joy, like Rule Britannia, to sorrow and loss, it felt like none of you was unaffected. As the concert pulled later into the night, a drowsy feeling began to overcome us and we were lulled by the rhythm and beauty of the music- indeed some of us even fell asleep. However, the ending would change all this; a deafening yet almighty display of mesmerising fireworks as well as fiery cannons that left many Hamptonians feeling rather traumatised. Just as we envisioned the concert drawing to a close, a shower of red, white and blue balloons rained down and fell upon a joyous, disbelieving audience; the perfect way to round off a night that will be remembered for years to come.

Oliver D reports:

The night out at the Royal Albert Hall really was spectacular. We walked into the grand entrance and walked towards door 8 on the 3rd floor. We still had some time to get food and drinks before we sat down and watched the show begin. The conductor came and talked about himself and the band and the singers before he played the introductory song, 2001: A Space Odyssey (Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss). He conducted a number of different classical music pieces before finishing the first half with the British Anthem. 

After the interval, he conducted a few more pieces of music and one of the last ones had real cannons going off! It ended with the British Anthem once again before the grand finale: a bag full of balloons fell from the top of the huge hall to signal the end of the Classical Spectacular. We were all feeling very tired when we got back to school, but extremely pleased with the concert.


In Football Alfie B reports on the U12D match against Chigwell:

On Saturday the 23 November our U12 D team played Chigwell’s B team. The final score was 2-8 to Chigwell after good performances from both teams. Chigwell started us off and then we were underway. We started us off well, keeping them under some pressure until a break by one of Chigwell’s strikers, resulting in them taking the lead 1-0. Hampton fought back brutally but it wasn’t enough and Chigwell netted four more before half time.

After a thorough team talk during the break we came back on ready for more.  The opposition scored another bringing the score to 6-0. Then, after long last, Hampton scored the goal we’d been looking for! The spark of hope was now flickering and we weren’t going to let Chigwell through easily. Unfortunately Chigwell put two more past our keeper and the Hampton heads were starting to droop. But we fought back relentlessly and after a great bit of play we scored our second goal.

The match finished 8-2 but we thought we had played well despite the score line.

Well done to all Hamptonians for showing such resilience during the match to keep going!

We hope the Football matches played against Wilson’s and the Rugby tournament today went well and look forward to hearing about them next week.


Congratulations to Trivikram P for being awarded Tutee of the Week this week for his efforts representing his form as a charity rep and going to great lengths to help organise the Christmas Quiz for a week on Monday. Well done Trivikram!


He was playing monopoly!


Forward I am heavy, but backward I am not. What am I?

Merits can be collected from Mrs Halford in the Biology Office for any correct answers, happy solving!

Talk! Neil Gresham OH (1989) – Tuesday 3 December, 12.45pm

As part of the School’s Talk! programme, we are very fortunate to be welcoming Neil Gresham OH (1989) to Hampton next Tuesday 3 December.  Neil will speak in the Lecture Theatre from 12.45pm and all members of the School are invited to what promises to be an incredibly engaging Talk!

As one of the original pioneers in coaching for climbing, Neil has been at the cutting edge of the British climbing scene for over two decades, performing at a high standard in disciplines ranging from sport climbing to deep water soloing, winter and traditional climbing. His talks are renowned for being inspirational, action-packed, white-knuckle rides, which showcase the diversity of climbing. Neil’s infectious enthusiasm brings the climbing experience to life and his talks provide an insight into the mindset that he’s used to push the limits during his life of climbing adventure.

It will be of particular interest to those involved in climbing, whether inside or outside School, together with those who have a love of the outdoors and adventurous activity!

Have a great weekend!

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