Hampton’s bee colonies have been making the most of the good weather this summer and Beekeeping Club saw their first ever honey harvest this month.

The honeycombs were transferred from the hives to the Hampton Biology labs where Head of Biology Mr Langton demonstrated the process of extraction. Once the wax capping on the surface of the frames was removed, the liquid honey was spun out using a centrifuge and then dispensed from a tap into jars.

Mr Langton has a long history of beekeeping and remembers harvesting honey as a boy. He is delighted with the Hampton harvest:

We have over 13.5 kg of honey which is fantastic! Well done to the Beekeeping Club members who helped to spin all of the frames. Once labelled up, we will be selling the delicious honey and I know it won’t be on the shelves for long.

Hampton has been tending the bee hives for three years now and this is the School’s first honey harvest. Boys particularly enjoyed the tasting session with a slice of home-made bread.





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