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Well done everyone for getting through to half term!

During Monday’s Assembly we heard from Mrs Samuel and the representatives from our Form Charity Partners for 2019-20. The charities we are supporting this year are Mary’s Meals, Make A Wish Foundation, Momentum and Off the Record Twickenham. The School Captain then gave the weekly notices and the Headmaster delivered the sporting results from the previous weekend. During our Form Period on Thursday the boys explored the values of socialising face-to-face instead of purely online interaction and completed some activities on travelling around London using public transport.

We hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable break! We look forward to seeing you all on the Monday 4 November for another successful half term at Hampton.

Here are some highlights from the week:

Third Year Special Mentions

Zac N (3J) attended the Richmond Borough Youth Climate Change Summit on Wednesday. Zac heard presentations about a number of environmental issues as well as a talk by Sir David Attenborough!

Congratulations to cyclist Finlay H (3F) for coming first in the U16 age category and second in the U18 age category at the recent BEC CC annual hill climb event! Well done Finlay!



As part of the sports programme at Hampton, we will be offering a variety of talks and sessions that are open to all.

The first SportTalk! session happened this Friday in the Lecture Theatre and was all about early specialisation in sport.

We encourage anyone with an interest in sport and performance to attend, whether you are a high level achiever in sport, or someone who simply wishes to develop your knowledge.

Annual MUN Conference at Reigate Grammar School

On Saturday 5 October I took part in the annual MUN conference at Reigate School alongside other boys in years ranging from Second Year to Sixth Form. I was representing Madagascar with Henry A, Thomas B and Benjamin H. The day started with lobbying in our committees where we had to persuade other delegates to co-submit our resolutions. I was in a specific committee where we focused on the issues of Organ Trafficking, Genetically Modified Crops and Cultural minorities. After lobbying, we all attended the opening ceremony where there was a speech about the day and the purpose of the United Nations. Next, we joined our committees and each country read out their policy statement (a short speech on their views on the three issues). The first resolution I debated in my committee was about the use of Genetically Modified Crops and whether they are necessary. After this, it was time for a well-deserved lunch break where there was time to prepare for the afternoon of debating. Once lunch had finished, we joined our committees again and debated two more resolutions, including my resolution on Organ Trafficking. It was very interesting to see the arguments of the other countries and their opinions on the problems – there were many interesting ideas and points made throughout the day. Finally after the debating in each committees was finished, everybody at the conference went to the General Assembly (GA) where the best resolutions of the day were debated by all the delegates. Finally, the long day finished with a closing speech and awards given out to the best speakers/teams of the conference. Fortunately, Hampton were very successful, picking up a large number of awards. After a tiring and packed day of MUN, we came back home on the coach. Many thanks goes to Miss Field and Mr Agulian for their help in organising the day.

Vishal S 3G

U14 Sports Reports


Jago D 3C reports on the U14A match against Bradfield College:

Hampton U14A faced a tough Bradfield College side away in a closely-fought game on Saturday for their third game in the Elgin League. Hampton went into the game after drawing their last game 0-0 to ISFA runners up, Alleyn’s School, and were looking for their second win of the Elgin League. Both teams came out fighting, however the away side looked the more threatening outfit. Despite piling on the pressure, Hampton couldn’t find the back of the net. 20 minutes in, Bradfield broke the deadlock after the ball fell kindly to a man inside the box who volleyed it composedly into the bottom right corner.

However the lead did not last long, only a few minutes after going behind the Hampton squad bit back. After rounding a few opponents skilfully, Chibby N presented Jamie W with a gift of a pass just waiting to be smashed into the back of the net. And smash it he did, the goal almost broke when the ball hit the back of the net!

The away outfit came out of the break fast but they could not score the crucial goal to put them ahead in the tight match. That was until, Toby N headed the ball easily into the Bradfield net following a thunderbolt of a free kick from Chibby that thundered off the underside bar and bounced kindly for the Hampton centre back.

Hampton did not stop at two though and after a few minutes of hard work and pressure from the squad they went 3-1 ahead. The goal came through Hayden C after the ball rolled out to the winger before he teed himself up for a volley which he finished glamorously into the bottom right corner of the net.

Both sides had multiple chances before the final whistle rung around the pitch, signalling the end of the game. However in the end the Hampton U14A side won 3-1 in their third game of the Elgin League. The team must now prepare for a friendly against Eton College, a repeat of the 3-1 win for Hampton that took place between the two sides only a few weeks ago.

The U14C football team also faced Bradfield College at the weekend. Max I (3J) tells us more:

Arriving promptly at the Hampton fields the boys began to warm up. Bradfield College, finding their way to the pitches after a slightly delayed journey, were ready for the match and got into formation.  Early on in the game Hampton made some great plays. In the first quarter a handball was made by a Bradfield defender in front of goal resulting in a penalty for our team. Monty was elected to take the penalty and he smashed it straight past the keeper. Unfortunately, further on in the match a free kick was given to the the opposition and it sailed straight past the wall to a team mate and into the back of our net. The boys did not let their heads fall and continued with determination, earning themselves another goal. This goal was created from a great run and cross onto the head of Dan who placed it into the opponent’s goal.  Again Bradfield climbed back into the game with another goal leaving the score at 2-2. The last quarter was by far the most tense and Hampton managed to pull through with another goal, this time coming from Freddie.  In the last ten minutes hearts were in mouths as Hampton struggled to maintain the score.  A crunching tackle was made by Ed in the last moments, crucially stopping the attack and in the final play Daniel made a game winning save to end it all.  After an excellent match the boys were victorious and were awarded match tea with man of the match going to Ed.

The final match report of the blog comes from Harry M (3F) who reports on the U14D match:

A very wet Saturday afternoon, saw a thrilling U14D football match vs Bradfield College. An even game throughout the first half saw the opposition go one-nil up due to a penalty just before half time. A quick attack from Bradfield straight after the break gave them a two-nil lead, before Sam G finished from close range to peg one back for the home team. Milo B’s brilliant save kept us in it, as we battled on at 2-1 towards the later stages of the game. With tensions rising, the ball fell to Joe E on the left wing in the dying moments. Pressured by both the ‘keeper and their defenders, his shot somehow found the back of the net rewarding Hampton with a deserved point after a great performance! 


One highlight of the week was ‘Pens Down Day’ which took place on Tuesday. The highlight was the 3G Physics lesson in which Hamptonians investigated air resistance with parachute pens! The boys had a fantastic time and it was an opportunity for them to learn in a different way.


Today saw the hotly-contested Third Year Inter Form Dodgeball competition which took place in the Sports Hall at lunchtime. Congratulations to 3C who were crowned the overall winners!


Form Teambuilding Dodgeball     Total
3A 4 2 6
3B 8 5 13
3C 7 9 16
3D 5 3 8
3E 6 1 7
3F 9 7 16
3G 2 8 10
3H 1 4 5
3J 3 6 9

Have a great half term holiday!

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