Biologist and Wildlife Photographer, David Fettes, will present a lunchtime talk on Wednesday 9 October in the Hammond Theatre.

David’s innate interest and passion for wildlife and the natural world first bloomed in Sixth Form when he studied for Zoology and Botany A Levels. Today, he travels the world seeking the wilderness and its inhabitants and uses his photographs to teach a younger generation about the importance of wildlife and nature in our eco-systems.  David says he is often asked if ‘it’s all about the photograph’ to which his response is always that the animal and its habits and physiology come first. “By studying the animals, for hours, days and indeed years, I can begin to understand their behaviour and often predict what they are going to do next.  Invaluable if you want to depict the more interesting, and at times exciting, aspect of their lives.”

On Wednesday 9 October, at 12.45pm, David will be talking to pupils and members of the Hampton Community. Tickets are free but must be reserved at ‎

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