Third Year Boys enjoyed an exciting day of team building activities to bond with their new Form Groups.

Held in the sunshine on the School fields, the annual event encourages boys to work together and get to know their new classmates as they compete in a series of exciting challenges. Competing as Form teams, the boys learned that excellent communication skills, team work and lateral thinking were the key to success.

The Hamptonians faced puzzles including ‘Spiders Web’, ‘Skyscraper’ as well as the highly anticipated ‘Giant Ski Race’ finale – all producing lots of laughter, head scratching and team work.

Form 3F were named the winning team after scoring an impressive 230 points. Joint Head of the Year, Miss Victoria Smith, was delighted with how the Hamptonians embraced the day:

The Team Building day provides an excellent opportunity for boys, tutors and mentors to get to know each other in a setting outside of the classroom. Great fun was had and memories were made that will stay with the boys for many years to come.


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