The Summer holidays saw Hamptonians enjoy a number of overseas trips. Jack Lucas reports on the Mandarin trip to China:

China is a country with a vast and rich history, and over the two weeks we spent there, we were able to visit many engaging historical sites as well as experiencing Chinese culture first hand. These experiences helped us to truly understand the depth of Chinese society and its traditions.

We stayed in Xi’an and Beijing, which both possess many beautiful landmarks, including the ‘Great Wall’ in Beijing, and the ‘Terracotta Warriors’ in Xi’an. During our time in Xi’an, we stayed in a boarding school, where we took several days off sightseeing to instead participate in lessons. In addition to classes in Chinese language, we also enjoyed a wide range of other activities including: Tai chi, Chinese music and dance, spice bag making, calligraphy and much more. We also spent a day with Chinese students’ families, where we began to understand more about local life, and explore some lesser known locations. ‘Muslim street’ was among one of the most interesting places in Xi’an that we visited, due to its bustling nightlife and its chaotic atmosphere.

The China trip was one of the most interesting and exciting trips that we have ever been on, and the two weeks flew by. We would like to thank Xi’an Bo’ai International School for looking after us and inspiring us throughout our trip. We would also like to thank Mr Agulian and Miss Zhang, for showing such great generosity, enjoyment, and a true passion, as well as giving up their time for the trip.

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