Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!

Thank you all for all your contributions this year, you have been absolutely fantastic at sending them in and have made it a true pleasure to edit. I hope you have enjoyed the Second Year, we have certainly enjoyed working with you. So, enjoy this last edition, definitely enjoy your summer holidays and come back refreshed and ready to be brilliant again in the Third Year!

Do scroll down for the results of the Swimming Gala and the overall inter-form standings. But first…


As promised, here is Chanutha A’s report on last week’s History Trip to sunny Portsmouth:

Today was a great day as we learnt a lot about the history of The Mary Rose. The Mary Rose is a warship of the English Tudor navy of King Henry VIII. After serving for 33 years in several wars against France, Scotland, and Britain and after being rebuilt in 1536, she saw her last action on 19 July 1545. The wreck of the Mary Rose was rediscovered in 1971. We also learnt what different people thought about how the Mary Rose sank. Like a Spanish man thought that there was so much wind it tilted over and sank. A Frenchman thought that they shot down the ship. We were encouraged to evaluate the different sources and interpret what really happened. There is so much I could say so I will just cut it short here as I could go on for ever about how much we have learnt!


Saganan T has sent in this fantastic report on the recent Richmond Athletics Championships:

It was a very hot day and we had our Richmond Championship right after our Middlesex Championship victory. Our confidence was really high and we couldn’t wait to start this one as well.

Year Seven’s started the day off and then came Year Eight’s.

First was Hurdles and Hayden, as usual, won his race by a lot. After him was Ethan in the 1500m and he won his race quite comfortably. Then came my race which was 100m and it was a really close one. I won by 0.04 seconds to win that one overall. At this point Hampton were racking up maximum points in various events. Rory won his heat for 200m and finished second overall and Zac C finished 3rd overall for his 300m. The last event for the Year Eight track was 800m and Rex ran really well and secured 1st overall. At this point we were sure Hampton were on top. In the afternoon it was the field events.  Pretty much the same happened. We finished Top 3 in each event. Finally came the 4x100m relay. This was the race everyone was waiting for as we it was going to be a close one. We were against Grey Court and Orleans Park which were our biggest competition on the day. We started off well with Hayden pushing us in to the lead. Off went Jamie, then Rory. Finally it came to me and our change over in the last leg messed up knocking valuable milliseconds off our time. It was a very close race until the end and Grey Court were victorious by the smallest margins and they broke the borough record for our year. Overall, we felt we had improved massively as a team and everyone contributed and gave their best for the team. We are still yet to know which school was first in our year but we are sure we did really well.


The results of the swimming gala are:

6th 2P
5th 2B
4th 2W
3rd 2L
2nd 2H
1st 2J

Which means the overall inter-form winners are:

Congratulations 2J !!!!


The answer to last week’s trivia, “Short” of course!

Well done to the many, many people who got that right. Remind me in September and I’ll give you a merit.


What better way to end. The Form Tutors have looked back through all the Joke of the Week entries and this year’s overall winner is… Meher B for this:

Have an amazing Summer!

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