The Environment Society is beginning a series of environmentally-friendly initiatives.The first of these is Enviromonday (Monday 1 July), which will encourage pupils and staff to discuss ongoing issues and the personal changes they can make to help protect the environment.

Lower Sixth pupil Suliemaan Siddique highlighted the aims of the society:

To raise awareness of the environmental issues that are currently taking place, and will inevitably grow into larger problems in the future, Enviromonday will encourage pupils to focus on reducing their carbon footprints.

On this day, the School canteen will not be serving any lunch dishes containing meat which will not only be a more environmentally friendly meal but will also, encourage pupils to consider reducing meat consumption at home. This is the single biggest way to reduce our impact on Earth. 

The committee are also encouraging staff and pupils to cycle or walk to School, in exchange for breakfast tokens.

We are planning to introduce environment-awareness days regularly throughout the year to educate pupils on the impacts society has on harmful emissions. 

Environment Committee member Miss Emma Rommer has a blog, The School and The Environment, detailing what the Environment Committee has been discussing and implementing:



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