Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!


A quieter week on the merits front, but some impressive totals nonetheless!

Aryan K (2P) – 30

Hayden C (2H) – 40

Ben H (2B) – 50

Findlay B (2H) – 90

Josh H (2W) – 110 (Wow!)

Henry A (2B) – 110 (Amazing!)

Vishal S (2W) – 150 (Off the scale amazing!)

Tutor Profile

This week it’s… me. Thanks to John S (2W) and Shayo E (2W) (even though they described my face as “weird” and said I looked like two different fat people).

Shayo: If you could commit any crime for twelve hours what would it be?

Mr Malston: I think I would catch a swan

Shayo: A swan?

Mr Malston: Yes, if you didn’t know taking swans is illegal because they are the Queen’s property.

John: You wouldn’t rob a bank or anything?

Mr Malston: I’m not a law breaker John.

Shayo: Ok then. As highly requested, are you ever going to shave your Beard?

Mr Malston: I don’t know. Would you want me to?

Shayo: I’m not sure but it would look kind of weird.

Mr Malston: What do you mean weird, it’s my real face!

Shayo: No we’re not saying your face looks weird we just mean we haven’t see you beardless before and it will be different.

Leo: You kind of look like Thor.

Mr Malston: Wow! Shayo you better put that in the interview. Thor is really muscular and strong isn’t he?

Shayo: Well in the new Avengers movie Thor gets quite fat. Not that I’m saying you’re fat.

Mr Malston: Understood. But yes I would think about shaving my beard.

Shayo: Ok. Um do you know the TV show Stranger Things?

Mr Malston: Yeah I watch it. Do you think I look like Jim Hopper?

Shayo: Yeah!

Mr Malston: There’s always one year group that says I look like him. He’s a bit fat as well isn’t he!

Shayo: When you were at school were you the Josh and Vish type, as in really well behaved and smart?

Mr Malston: Or?

Shayo: The bad type of student.

Mr Malston: What do you think?

Shayo: I think you were quite safe, as in not getting into much trouble, but not really the best education wise.

Mr Malston: For the purpose of this interview I will say I was a brilliant student and an example to my peers!

Shayo: Ok my last question is, and try to be honest, do you have a favourite student?

Mr Malston: I have 24 different favourite students! I sure hope that there are 24 for people in our class.

In case you’re wondering what Mr Malston would look like without his beard………

Just Mr Sims, Ms Byrne and Mrs Owen to go…


The U13A cricket team were involved in a thriller against Tiffin on Saturday. Would they manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Ben R (2H) fills us in:

Hampton started off bowling, with a great spell from Leo H (2B) who bowled five overs and gave away only seven runs. Hal L (2B) bowled out five batsman in an incredible four overs and took home the match ball. Although Tiffin did pick up and scored an impressive 123 runs. Hampton were now batting and Naavya S (2H) and Findlay B (2H) were opening. Unfortunately, with some good bowling Hampton lost their first wicket. Naavya and Sam S (2H) had a good partnership before Naavya got out for an impressive 29 runs. Another good ball and Hampton lost another three wickets quickly. Sam was hitting some great shots but Hampton lost another wicket with an unlucky run out. Sam and Kieran B-R (2J) had a good partnership before Sam was out for 34. Two unlucky batsman were out for ducks from some great spin. The last batsman was in and he needed one single in one over but this was an excellent bowler. Aaron T-M (2W) hit a good defensive shot and ran a quick single to win. 124 runs for 9 wickets by Hampton. A very exciting game.

And how did the mighty Bs get on this week? Let’s hear from Toby N (2W) (who bowled beautifully himself by the way):

Harry M (2L) won the toss and he decided for us to field first James G (2L) opened the bowling and started well: he got one wicket in his three over and only conceding very few runs. Ed K-B (2L) was the other opener and in his three overs he only conceded three runs and getting a wicket. We fielded well, letting through few singles. Ayoub K (2P) and I were the next two bowlers. I had two overs conceding six runs. Ayoub had two overs and got a wicket. Theo M-J (2L) had two overs and showed a master class in spin bowling getting three wickets. In the field Harry got three catches and it seemed that the ball always gravitated towards him. We only conceded 81 runs – a lot fewer than are last game. Ben W (2L) and Will G (2J) opened the batting and got off to a steady start. However we were losing overs fast and we need to up the run rate. When Theo came in to bat he gave us a very strong batting performance. We still needed to go for it a bit more otherwise we wouldn’t make the 81 target. I then came into bat and I scored ten runs off three balls hitting two fours and then on my fourth ball I got out. That took our run rate up and we only needed a few more runs. Ayoub came into to bat and got one run and got out. Ed then came in and him and Theo finished off the batting and we got a score of 82 and beat Tiffin.

Well done on two good wins. We’d love to hear about some of the other sports next week too so tennis players, athletes etc, please get scribbling.


This competition is now up and running with lots of group fixtures played this week. Ishaan D (2B) gives us his perspective on the tournament so far:

On Tuesday, Henry A, George B, Hal L and I participated representing the Quiz Team for 2B against 2J in what was the opening match of the Interform Quiz, which will be taking place over the next few weeks as a test of the forms’ general knowledge. The format of the quiz involved starter questions which were open to be buzzed by anyone. Whichever form buzzed first and answered correctly had the opportunity to answer three bonus questions of a similar topic. If they could not answer, it went to the other form. The questions ranged from speed limits on UK roads to opera and Gospels of the Bible! After an exciting and heated match, an experience enhanced further by the amazing buzzers, 2B came out victorious and look forward to facing 2L in the next match of the group series.

Action below from the 2L versus 2J round, with 2L emerging victors after a closely fought battle.

The competition continues on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime next week.


As we all know, there is a fantastic range of activities on offer, but what if you have a passion that isn’t catered for? Well, you could do what some 2J boys have done and start your own club (this one is under the supervision of Mr Cheah).

Friday 25th of April saw the start of Cubing Club (cubing, meaning Rubik’s cubing) for all boys from First Year to Sixth form. We had a few boys turn up but would love to see any more, and we all took out our cubes and our iPads and began to time ourselves. On the board we wrote our best times for the session and compared. Overall it was a success and I would be very happy to see any one else turn up. Felix L (2J)

 Well done for showing such commendable initiative! Why not join them next Friday…Cubing Club takes place in Room 10 from 12:40pm onwards.

Trivia & Jokes

A riddle from Lucas H-S (2P):

I’m anticipating quite a few correct answers so get in quick if you want to win a merit.


Kristian B (2P) wins this week:

Have a great weekend!

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