Another week of term has flown by and, as ever, the First Year boys have been kept busy with a hoard of different activities! Mr Barber tells me that Board Games club definitely benefitted from the inclement weather and the boys had lots of fun playing Exploding Kittens, Boss Monster, OK Play, Monopoly Deal and Splendour. The boys were full of excitement about it and it’s lovely to hear them enjoying some good old fashioned board game fun!

Inter-Form competition

It was Inter-Form Volleyball last week and the great news was that every form managed to field a team. It sounded like quite a tight competition, with the final standings as follows:

1st 1J
2nd 1P
3rd 1W
4th 1B
5th 1H
6th 1L

Mr Bolton said the play was impressive, despite only a few lessons of volleyball, so well done to all of the boys who took part. Especially well done to 1J, who were the victors!

ISSP Music Day

Some of the First Year musicians also took part in the ISSP Music Day on Tuesday, which sounded like a lot of fun. Thanks to Harry S (1J) for this excellent report:

On the 12 March, musicians from Hampton, LEH, Teddington School, Tolworth Girls School, Waldegrave School, Hampton High, Orleans Park School and Turing House enjoyed the ISSP day. At the beginning of the day, pupils were split into their instrument groups and rehearsed with music teachers from across Hampton and LEH. After several hours of hard work and entertainment by the musical band String Fever, the concert arrived with the Hammond Theatre filled and songs were played by the brass group, woodwind group, string group and choir before the fifteen-minute interval. After the audience returned to their seats, over 300 children played in the orchestra with Finlandia conducted by Mrs Ashe and Carmina Burana conducted by Mr Roland. The night ended with the audience on their feet as they applauded the young musicians. 

 What a wonderful experience for our young musicians!

Weekly Conundrum

Last week’s conundrum certainly challenged the usual puzzlers, but one or two got the correct answer. Well done to Monty N (1J) who was the first to hand in a correct answer. Now on to this week’s…

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss G. Russell

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