The Hampton Sports Chronicle (HSC) is now online! The new HSC website, built by Fifth Year Josh Bartholomew, will be run by the HSC team and overseen by English teacher Mr Peter Smith. The digital platform will allow pupil reporters to post stories on Hampton sports throughout the year and will complement the printed version of the magazine, which will continue to be published in the Summer Term. Check out the new website here:

The Sports Chronicle has been running in print-form since 2004 and is a popular read for pupils, parents, staff and alumni. The HSC website will allow a much broader range of stories to be covered ensuring that writers from across the year groups can try their hand at sports journalism. Mr Smith, who founded the Sports Chronicle in 2004 and still runs it today, said:

“The new Hampton Sports Chronicle website is a great place for pupils, staff, alumni and parents to keep up to date with all the achievements of our many sporting stars at the school. It’s also a terrific opportunity for budding sports journalists to cut their teeth.

Any pupils who wish to get involved in this exciting new project should contact


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