Hamptonians have enjoyed a series of successful Model United Nations (MUN) conferences this year. Fourth Year pupil Nayaaz Hashim reports on their recent performance at Haileybury School:

A team of 11 Hampton delegates recently attended the annual MUN conference at Haileybury School (HMUN), one of the largest MUN conferences in the country. MUN involves young people representing countries and simulating debates similar to those in the United Nations. Pupils debate the views of their country, not just their own personal views, which can be a challenging task. At HMUN, Hampton pupils represented the countries of Belarus and Papua New Guinea and prepared policy statements and resolutions to address some of the world’s most pressing issues.

HMUN is by far the most intimidating conference of the year, given its size and its status as an international conference. Hampton delegates were debating against participants from schools in the US, Netherlands and Germany. Nevertheless, our delegates leapt into the debates enthusiastically, speaking with typical eloquence on topics such as the protection of bee populations, the removal of trade barriers, religious freedom, and a Special Committee on Syria.

Overall, Hampton performed fantastically well, with many pupils winning awards. Thomas Bainbridge won a Distinguished Award, an impressive feat for a Second Year pupil. Oliver Pulfrey-Baker (Fourth Year), Dara Sanwal (U6) and Henry De Oliveira (U6) also won Distinguished Awards. Lower Sixth Form pupil and first time MUN-er David Evans won a Highly Commended Award. Finally, the entire delegation of Papua New Guinea, comprising Thomas, Dara, Henry, David and myself won a highly sought-after Distinguished Delegation Team Award, making this one of Hampton’s most successful conferences.

HMUN 2019 also marks the end of both Dara and Henry’s illustrious Hampton MUN careers. Over the course of their time at Hampton, their articulate and astute speeches have inspired us all, and they have served as mentors to the rest of the team. Many of us remember the kind reassurance and advice they offered at our very first conference, and we all wish them future MUN success at University!

Upper Sixth Form pupil Dara reflected on his time as a MUN participant:

Participating in MUN has been an immense pleasure. It has done wonders for my confidence and public speaking abilities, given me knowledge of complex global issues, and provided me with some unforgettable experiences. I would like to thank Miss FIeld, Mr Agulian and Mr Cheah for all their support, help and guidance, and hope future Hampton MUN-ers have as much fun as I did!


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