It’s hard to believe that we are less than two weeks away from the end of term – it seems to have flown by!

cooking week

The boys have continued to enjoy their many and varied activities, with a particular highlight of this week, of course, being the homework holiday and cooking week! Thank you to the boys who have already sent in some pictures of their culinary creations – we have had toad in the hole, cheese and leek omelettes with sweet potato fries, cupcakes and all sorts! It would be lovely to be able to feature lots of pictures of the creations for Monday’s tea party in next week’s blog, so do send in any photos of your culinary concoctions! Also, Miss Barnes would love to receive any recipes for the cook book so do email her these directly.

On Monday the boys enjoyed a talk from a nutritionist on making ‘super snacks’ – they explored nutritious and delicious alternatives to snack bars.

creative writing awards workshop

The creative writing workshop was another highlight of the week and I know all of the boys involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Huge congratulations go to the winner of the Junior Section, Issac T (1P), and the runner-up, Natty T (1L). This is an amazing achievement and we are so impressed by both boys and can’t wait to read their stories!


Well done to all of the boys who collected merits this week: Rohan C (1B), Umar K (1B), Columbus C (1J), Sam G (1J), Alec H (1J), Lucas R (1J), Natty T (1L), Avinash G (1P), Joe M (1P), Ronit R (1P), Jerome S (1P), Ollie D (1W), Gabriel M (1W), Adi T(1W). It was great to see a number creeping in to Headmaster’s merit certificate territory, too!

Weekly Conundrum

We only had a couple of responses to last week’s blog conundrum so hopefully a few more boys will come forward to collect merits for answering the following:

We’re looking forward to our tea parties on Monday and hope you are well fed at home by the boys!

Miss G. Russell

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