Hampton School’s focus on providing an all-round balanced education is featured in the latest edition of School Report magazine. In an article that examines concerns around a national gender bias in certain subjects, Hampton is praised for its promotion of the Arts and Humanities alongside the STEM subjects, traditionally popular options for boys.

Deputy Head (Academic) Ms Sarah Hendry is quoted in the article:

As is the case in many UK boys’ schools, STEM subjects are popular. However, at Hampton, we firmly believe in the importance of studying the Arts and Humanities too – not just because these topics are rich and fascinating within themselves, as well as leading to a wide range of fulfilling careers, but because they contribute to ensuring boys receive a full and balanced education. They enhance communication and social skills and enable pupils to express themselves creatively – key attributes wherever life leads you.

The School’s focus on offering a wide range of co-curricular provision in the Arts and Humanities is also highlighted; from writing for a School magazine to competing in Art competitions or attending the School’s Creative Futures workshops – all designed to showcase how rewarding and stimulating these topics can be.

The full article can be read here: School Report



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