In Architecture Club this term, First, Second and Third Year pupils were tasked with creating a bridge based on arch, suspension, truss or cantilever models.  Using recycled paper, cardboard, tape and string, and working in small groups, the boys have spent the last few weeks planning and constructing their designs.

Last week saw the much anticipated bridge testing finale, with a panel of judges from the Art and Physics Departments. The boys constructions were judged on aesthetics, engineering and the use of materials and construction. Prizes for original design, technical ambition and construction quality have been awarded in addition to how well the boys demonstrated leadership and team work.

Miss Joanna Moore, the Art teacher who runs the club, was delighted with the boys creative responses and their enthusiasm to learn about architectural design:

The judges were extremely impressed with the inventiveness of the pupils using the basic materials available to them, as well as the variety of shape and design. It is great to be able to offer pupils a 3-D project and introduce them to the principles of architecture as early as possible.

The boys will now turn their attention to a design drawing project, working on a brief for a private client, planning and building a living space for professionals such as a scientist or sculptor. The young architects will focus on elevations and create measured scale drawings and we look forward to seeing what they produce next.


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