It has been excellent to see all the First Year boys in good spirits on their return to School after the Half Term break. The highlight of the week has, perhaps, been the arrival of their iPads and the boys have already started to make productive use of these in their lessons. Please can we take this opportunity to remind boys that they must make sure they follow the School rules regarding device use in School and be sensible in how they use their iPads (only in lessons and / or when given specific permission to do so by a teacher).

It has been a relatively steady week at School and the boys have settled happily back into the usual routine. Today marks the first big fixture day of term and we wish all the boys the best of luck in their matches against City of London School and Harris City Academy Crystal Palace. Hopefully we will have some interesting match reports handed in for the blog next week.

Well done to all the boys on continuing to gain and collect their merits. This week, particular congratulations to Joe C (1B), Max M (1B), Harry O (1B), Rahul R (1B), Tristan T (1B), Aaron C (1H), Tommy S (1H), Vishesh J (1J), Monty N (1J), Louis S (1L), Avinash G (1P), Teo M (1P), Rudi P (1P), George S (1P), Oscar A (1W), Oli C (1W), Harry F (1W), Gabriel F (1W), Will F (1W), Vaibhav N (1W) and Adi T (1W) on their merit certificates. Well done, boys!

Speaking of merits, 1J’s RS teacher (Mr Lori) and I are willing to give merits to any First Year boy who can solve the following puzzle:

A man owned no watch, but he had an accurate clock which, however, he sometimes forgot to wind. Once when this happened he went to the house of a friend, passed the evening with him, went back home, and set his clock. How could he do this without knowing beforehand the length of the trip?

If you think you have the answer, do come and see us in the RS Office!

Finally, congratulations to Oli C (1W) who is this week’s Tutee of the Week! Oli was nominated on account of his cheerful and positive attitude, his hardworking approach in lessons and the kindness he shows towards the other boys in the Year group. Well done, Oli!

Best wishes for a very happy weekend from the whole First Year team!

Miss G. Russell

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