Pupils from across London came to Hampton for Genocide Awareness Day to listen to moving testimonies from three genocide survivors.

Sophie Masereka who survived the genocide in Rwanda recalled the discrimination and torture she received as a Tutsi. Kemal Pervanic, a victim of the genocide in Bosnia, spoke about the experience of living in a concentration camp in Omarska, and Ruth Barnett recounted the horrors of the persecution that her family faced in Nazi Germany. Ruth arrived in Britain as a four-year-old after escaping on the Kindertransport.

After hearing the survivors relate their experiences, the pupils reflected on Sophie, Kemal and Ruth’s testimony in a range of creative workshops producing artwork, poetry, animations and journalistic reports. Their work will be compiled into a newspaper and sent to public figures and other schools in the hope that it will help raise awareness of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

Hamptonian, Luca Parrish, who attended the event said:

The survivors shared their memories with us and gave us a glimpse of the horrors they faced.

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