Welcome to the Second Year Bulletin!


Well done to the following boys on reaching ten merits:

Vishal S (2W)

Oscar T (2H)

Rohan C (2B)

Thomas B (2B)

Max C (2J)

and to James A (H) and Henry A (2B) who have already got to twenty!


The U13A rugby team have made an impressive start to the season. Could they keep their victory maul rolling at the weekend? Max C (2J) reports:

With two victories under our belt the U13As were feeling anxious to play a tough game against Epsom College away, but with Finlay W (2W) and Rory P (2H) both scoring hat-tricks to secure us a comfortable victory 45-5. We remain undefeated and are looking forward to a physical game against High Wycombe next week.

I’ve heard that the U12C football team were extremely well coached last year. Would they be able to transfer that excellence into their first game of the season as the U13Cs? Let’s hear from James D (2W):

On Saturday the C team played against Sutton Grammar in an extremely well contested game. Hampton started well and got a goal ten minutes in. However, unfortunately, they levelled and we went into the break at 1-1. After two good team goals for us they got a lucky penalty and the score was 3-2. It looked set to be a nail-biting ending but Jack S (2H) netted to make the final score 4-2.

Congratulations also to Hayden C (2H) who has been featured on our website as one of Hampton’s outstanding young athletes. If you want to know more about what he’s been up to then click here: https://hamptonschool.org.uk/2018/09/hayden-athletics/


As promised, here is a snapshot of what’s been going on at a few of the different clubs on offer. Thanks to all boys who sent in reports.

This week, I went to the ‘Electronic Music Club’. This club is pupil led and is very fun. What you do is you make your own music. Since I just started 2 weeks ago, I was taught how to make a beat drop (although I keep on forgetting how to do things!). I can’t wait until I get to create my own music – it is extremely fun. Chanutha A (2P)

On Mondays I attend the Brass Band where we are playing four different pieces of music in the Royal Albert Hall: Enter the Galaxies, Home of the Legends, Bandology and an over the top version of When the Saints Come Marching In. This is on Wednesday 10 October. We are also playing concerts in the lakes of Italy in the Summer. Henry H (2P)

On Thursday I went to Lego Robot Club. We are building a robot to complete tasks for a competition coming up. We are still planning the robot at the moment and we still need to do more research. Giles M (2H)

Psychology Club is an excellent club where anyone interested can learn the secrets of the mind. This club is great for anyone who wants to learn about the brain (or anyone who has one). Aadi T (2W)

So which club are you going to try next week? If you’re going to Biology Club on Monday, don’t forget to bring in something (cereal boxes, toilet rolls etc) for Marble the hamster’s maze!


Now how about this for an exciting Friday night – Monty F (2H) had an unforgettable evening last weekend and got a taste of life as a celebrity. He tells us all about it:

I performed at the Princes Theatre in Aldershot on Friday 21 September. As well as singing with G4, our club (The Players Academy) performed a melody of songs: ‘ABC, I want you back’ and ‘Shake a Tail Feather’. All of this in front on an audience of 690 people that came to watch us. In the finale we sang ‘Living on a Prayer’ with G4.  It was a great evening filled with nervousness and excitement. The genre of Pop Opera really appeals to me and I would recommend this experience to anyone.


Well done to all those who worked out that you can form “PERU” from the top row of the keyboard and “ALASKA” from the middle row.

Something a little different this week. Can you work out the four words/expressions you can make by typing SUN followed by the phone keyboard numbers shown. Merits for the first few correct answers I receive – no cheating!

Joke of the Week:

What do you call a man with lots of sports equipment?


Thanks to Oscar T (2H). A huge number of entries this week, if you weren’t successful this time, please keep trying!

Have a great weekend!

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