Welcome to the Second Year!

This is the first of our weekly bulletin’s that will feature news of all the fantastic things the Second Years have been up to. The boys have made a good start so far and we look forward to seeing them shine in the classroom and beyond as the term progresses. Most clubs and activities began this week so do get involved and make the most of the opportunities Hampton offers. Remember, it is the expectation that students are involved in at least two extra-curricular clubs as well as any team sports they may do. And when you do go along, let me know what you got up to and I can include it in this bulletin.


We’ve all packed the sunglasses away and are well into the swing of the Second Year but let’s begin our first blog by hearing about some of the fabulous things that students got up to over the summer:

I went to Italy in my summer holiday. We started off in Tuscany and spent two weeks sitting around the pool. We then went to Rome where we saw the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon and St Peter’s basilica. Oscar K (2P)

In the holiday I went to Colchester beach. This was fun as we were able to swim in the sea. Then we went to the pier the next day and played in the arcade section with my brother as my dad gave us £30 each and spent it all on the arcade section. Chanutha A (2P)

During my holiday I went to Lanzarote for a week and a half in which my highlights were quad-biking around the island, going for a camel ride and going to a restaurant on the side of a dormant volcano which uses the heat from the volcano to cook. In addition to this I went paint balling in Nottingham where I had the achievement of dealing with the pain from the shots. It was a truly packed holiday. Adam J (2P)

Over the summer I went to The Basque Country (French and Spanish border area) and descended down Mount La Rhune after going up in a train carriage. We accidentally went down the wrong way towards Ascain and on the way, my Grandmother broke her ankle and had to be air lifted (by a helicopter) to Biarritz hospital! That was a spectacular end to my summer… Henry H (2P)

Thanks all of you for sending those in and also to James A (2H) for letting me know that he took his Japanese GCSE exam this summer and achieved an A* grade! Well done, James – a phenomenal effort.


Please do send me a brief report of any sports fixtures you’ve been involved in. Football fixtures have started already. Josh H (2W) tells us about the U13As:

After a long summer, the U13A football squad was back in action last weekend against John Lyon School. The 8 weeks off did show a little bit as there were areas of rust but once they had settled into the match, the normal attacking flair and skill started to kick in. Some great goals from Jamie W (2J) and Jago D (2J) gave Hampton a 2-0 lead. However, when all seemed to be going well, John Lyon scored a goal just before half time to change the run of play. Hampton conceded another goal early in the 2nd half with an unlucky defensive miscommunication.

With momentum in the opposition’s hands, the U13As had a tough 20-25 minutes with a number of chances being created by John Lyon but the team’s great resilience became an important attribute as they gradually made their way back into the game. The last 15 minutes mirrored the majority of the first half as the tide once again turned within the game. Hampton regained possession and became the team most likely to score.

Unfortunately, the winner didn’t come and the match finished in a 2-2 draw. They are now working hard during their Monday and Wednesday training slots to try and get the best possible results from their matches on Saturday and Monday. Hopefully they can continue to improve and make it far in the ISFA and Surrey Cups this season.

Things were a bit more straightforward for the U13Bs. Let’s hear from Dan C (2B):

The start to the game was very intense, with both teams having good chances, but after ten minutes or so, Kieran B (2J) volleyed in a world class finish from a corner to make the score 1-0. Five minutes later, it was suddenly 2-0 with Finn G (2J) scoring from inside the box. Just before half time Kieran B was at it again, with a goal from outside the box which nestled in the bottom corner. After the first half we could’ve been 5-0 up with the chances we had, and just after the start of the half, I capitalised on a John Lyon mistake to make it 4-0. We had made many chances and by the final whistle, with goals from Ben W (2L), Saganan T (2P), Alpha B (2H) and another from Finn G, the game ended Hampton 8-0 John Lyon. We played very well but still have stuff to improve on for tougher games.

Well done to all involved and we look forward to hearing about fixtures in other sports in the coming weeks.


These will be a regular feature of the blog. Please submit me any good puzzles or hilarious jokes you may have up your sleeve. All successful entrants receive a merit, as do (normally) correct answers for the trivia questions.


Can you name five chemical elements that contain only four letters? (No googling!)

This one is a warm up but in the future I will be awarding merits for whoever can email me first with the correct answers.

Joke of the Week:

This was hotly contested, but this week’s winning joke comes from Leo Z (2W):

Q: What’s the best thing about Switzerland?

A: I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus!

Boom boom! Well done Leo, a merit to you. Please send in your jokes – the next merit could be yours.

Parents, if your son has any news that should be mentioned in a future bulletin, please do encourage them to email me at c.malston@hamptonschool.org.uk and I shall be delighted to include it. Merits are given for all contributions that make it into the bulletin.

Have a great week!

Mr Malston

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