Congratulations to Dominic Must who has reached a staggering 110 merits!!

Remember to get your merits signed off by Wednesday 20 June.


After the excitement of exam week, boys have returned to lessons this week but they did have a hot ticket out of school on Wednesday afternoon:

“On Wednesday afternoon the whole of Second Year had the chance to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. After the coach ride and having collected our tickets, we moved to our various seats. I was sat in the stalls and very close to the front. Right from the word go, The Lion King was a magical blockbuster musical. I believe all of the Second Year will join me in saying the funniest part was  a technical difficulty in the show – Mufasa had just been killed and was left dangling in mid air! The theatre shut the curtains, but shortly put them up again. My favourite bit was the animals. I absolutely loved how you could see the human features, yet see the animals the humans were trying to portray. It was a very lovely opportunity and I would love to see the show again.”

Poor Mufasa, I hope he wasn’t scarred by the experience. Thanks to Fahad Bhaiji for that fantastic report.


Let’s hear how the cricketers got on when they resumed after the half term break:

U13A: “Hampton came out to bat at the start of the match and Luis batted very well, opening with Kyan. Kyan played very well with an excellent score of 19 against some very good bowlers. Luis also batted extremely well, racking up an astonishing score of 45. The team scored 110 with Linesh, Ali and Will coming in in the later order and scoring well. We then bowled, with Ali bowling the first ball and smashing the top of off stump. We then bowled very well with Jack and Will getting one wicket each. Ali bowled three people out and kept the runs down. Jamie finished the bowling with an astonishing three wickets and finished the match.”

U13B: “On the weekend the B team played Trinity School. We lost the toss and batted first. We started batting well but unfortunately, a few quick wickets from our top order fell. Will A came in and made sure that we didn’t lose many other wickets quickly. We finished on 90 for 8. We then came into bowl and despite a good start we couldn’t get the wickets we needed to slow their run rate down. In the end they finished with an over to spare.”

U13C: It was a sunny morning with a little breeze. We fielded first. The opening batsman started a good partnership before a run out which split them. Their numbers two and three got retired and they got a great total of 141-3. Unfortunately, Ineesh got ran out in the first over. Charlie and Akshat put on a impressive partnership of 70-1 before Charlie got retired at 31. We ended up agonisingly close and got a total of 123 all out.

Thank you to Theo Joy-Page, Nathan Kent and Charlie Murphy for sending those in. Extremely well done the A team who were one of the few Hampton sides in the whole school to record a victory against Trinity.

There was also some very important sporting business this week with regards to the Inter-form competition. Let’s hear about the experience from Aidan Painting:

“On Tuesday of exam week the whole year took part in the Inter-Form athletics competition. It was a great break from the tiresome exams. It started off with the track events (hurdles and 100m) and the hurdles had races won by a whole variety of Forms and the same occurred for the 100 m with a wide range of Forms winning each race. There was a wonderful supportive atmosphere around every competition and we enjoyed cheering each other on as we tried our best for our forms. The relay was the most interesting of all because there was immense tension as the baton was rapidly handed over from athlete to athlete. Overall Inter-Form was a great break from exam week.”

Well done to all. 2J shaded victory from 2H in the final standings for the day.


It seems a suitable time to have some World Cup Trivia. This week, can you tell me which is the only country playing in this year’s World Cup that borders the host nation?

A merit for the first correct answer (just in time for Wednesday’s deadline), two merits if you promise me you didn’t google it!



Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut?

I think he just needed a little space.

Oliver Tang


Have a great weekend!

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