Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

Well done everyone – you made it to the end of another hectic term at Hampton School. Third Years have really packed a lot into the last ten weeks. Oliver! The Musical was a huge success, the U14A rugby team won the Orleans Park 7s tournament, the U14B football team reached the final of the ESFA Cup, J14 rowers are preparing to compete in their first events after the Easter training camp, and Third Year delegates have excelled at Model UN conferences. In fact, with an apology to make to the boys involved for the late inclusion, this blogger has unearthed an unpublished report of the MUN conference at Magdalen College earlier this term…


Over the weekend (23rd to 25th February), Alex B, Fred D, Jack E, and Oliver P-B, along with Nayaaz H and Alex Mehta, took part in the three-day Model United Nations Conference at Magdalen College School, Oxford. They represented their nations’ (DR Congo and Poland) perspectives on various international issues, such as the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the Syrian Civil War, the 1994 Rwandan genocide, the Rohingya Crisis, LGBT rights in Russia, and the prospect of a nuclear war between India and China.

The conference was a great experience, allowing the boys to utilise their debating skills and understand some of the major geopolitical issues of today.

Third Years were no exception to the record-breaking 11 prizes won by Hampton – in total the Third Years won two Best Delegate Awards, three Best Junior Delegate Awards, and one Commended Delegate Award.

Every Third Year won an award, for the first time in recent MUN history.

What a superb achievement – well done to all of you!


Before we go any further, 3D erupted in conversation about the merits (or otherwise) of online gaming. Thomas C (3D) won a game of Fortnite. However, his classmates did not seem to respect this achievement. The debate raged on from there, but views for and against online gaming were well expressed.

Fantasy Six Nations – Final Scores

After an exciting last round, the winner of the Third Year Six Nations League (first boy, that is..) is Shane Bowden (3B) with his team Five Press-up Penalties. Well done to Shane, who can collect his large edible prize from the Third Year Office.

An honourable mention must also go to Mr Studt for creating the competition and sitting at the top of the table throughout. There is a steward’s enquiry underway to investigate Mr Studt’s conduct throughout this tournament amid rumours that he received inside information from an anonymous source at the Romania Rugby Union and that he rigged the table in his favour. However, Mr Studt has moved to counter these allegations by threatening to fire the steward in charge of the investigation. Keep abreast of the latest updates in next term’s Third Year blog.

Commiserations to Mr Rigby who, despite a strong round five, remained rooted to the bottom of the table throughout the entire tournament.


Final standings can be seen below:

Rank TeamManagerPoints
1Ben Freer ben freer100
2Colvine’s Kings Sam Colvine97
3The special ones… Ollie Hartley83
4Studt’s StudsMr Studt75
4Class on Grass Paskin Luke75
6Kabir’s Kickers Kabir Sait74
7Neo’s kiddos Neo Sukhraj-Hammerl71
7London Dutch Thomas Ketel71
9Sam’s cool people Sam Walker70
9Smith’s soldiers victoria smith70
11Ollies Wollies Ollie Verny White68
12Rigby’s Ruckers Tom Rigby67
12Ball Hogg Ethan Knight67
12Jonfoxdavies Huw Harris67
15Jay’s Lightning Jay Hothi66
15Fred Darley 3C Fred Darley66
17Faletau’s followers Sam Brewster65
185 Pressup Penalties Shane Bowden64
19I’ll win Alfie Simonds-Gooding63
20Tallman’s Tanks Jack Talman62



1Studt’s StudsMr Studt75439
25 Pressup Penalties Shane Bowden64407
3Ball Hogg Ethan Knight67384
4London Dutch Thomas Ketel71378
5Neo’s kiddos Neo Sukhraj-Hammerl71374
6Class on Grass Paskin Luke75362
6Smith’s soldiers victoria smith70362
8Ben Freer ben freer100361
9Jay’s Lightning Jay Hothi66356
10The special ones… Ollie Hartley83348
11Will’s Lions William Simpson58341
12I’ll win Alfie Simonds-Gooding63333
13Sam’s cool people Sam Walker70332
14Ptolemy Wallace-Jones Ptolemy Wallace-Jones59322
15Colvine’s Kings Sam Colvine97312
16max s Maximilian Schaefer60299
17Ollies Wollies Ollie Verny White68288
18Faletau’s followers Sam Brewster65283
19Freddie Seddon XV Freddie Seddon56281
20Rigby’s Ruckers Tom Rigby67279