The School welcomed UNESCO award winning photo-journalist, Jeremy Hunter, to speak about life in North Korea.

Having spent time in the country, Jeremy described daily life under the dictatorship rule of Kim Jong-un, where the majority of citizens have limited access to water, electricity and food.

He also spoke about the North Korean government’s limits on internet and mobile phone usage, and revealed that every citizen receives a radio in their home which cannot be turned off, thereby enabling the Regime, in the event of an invasion, to instantly mobilise millions of people.

North Korea has suffered numerous famines, in which millions have died of starvation, but Mr Hunter explained that the nation’s propaganda continues to paint a picture of an idyllic country, full of prosperity; a Utopia.

Jeremy hopes that his presentation can,”help to create awareness of the plight of 24 million or so North Koreans, in the hope that one day, they will benefit from the same quality of life as their fellow compatriots living south of the border.”

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