I hope you have had an enjoyable first half term of the year and are looking forward to the two week break that lies ahead.  If you are going away on any school trips I wish you “bon voyage”, enjoy them fully as they are unique experiences and ones to make the most of.


Yesterday saw your 3rd visit from elevate education.   I have looked at the feedback forms and it appears it was well received and hopefully has  given you some guidance on how you might work more efficiently, construct a revision timetable and use your time wisely between now and their GCSE exams.  Should you wish to review the content of the seminar again I have attached the student pack and implementation kit that run alongside the seminar.  Elevate have also launched a new student portal which has lots of useful resources and would be worth taking a look at over the holidays;  https://ukstudent.elevateeducation.com/


I am looking for honest and sensible feedback from you on whether having 4 sessions with elevate over two years is too much and whether it would be better to shift some of the sessions earlier, say in the 3rd year and give you more time now to actually implement the strategies they suggest.  Please come and speak to or email me if you have any thoughts, otherwise let your form tutors know and they can feedback to me.


I also wanted to reiterate to you all that it is important to continue to participate in your co-curricular activities as this is likely to help bring out the best of you academically.  With this in mind I have attached a copy of the co-curricular timetable.  It would be good to have you all taking part in at least one or two activities during the week and so if you think you are coming up short on this (you know who you are) then it might be a good idea to review this and pick out a couple of clubs to try after the break.


When you come back we have parents evening on Wednesday 9 November. Remember this year you are invited to attend alongside your parents, please use this opportunity to have a constructive conversation with you teachers regarding your current attainment and ways to progress before the summer.



Currently the A team is undefeated winning 6 out of 6 matches. Since our last update there have been wins over St Benedict’s which doubled up as the quarter final of the Middlesex cup and Epsom 25-19. The U16Bs have won 4 of their 6 games and most recently drew with Epsom20-20.



The U16As were up against a tough and physical  Gordon’s first XI on Saturday  15 October and this ended up being their first defeat of the season. A mix of U16 and second XI played Wilson’s second XI a fortnight ago; after a difficult first half, it took a robust half time speech by their coach and a couple of substitutions for the team to finally wake up and play some quality football. The Hampton U16A/2nd XI ended up winning 3-1. After the holidays, the boys will be facing a busy calendar with round 2 of both the Surrey and ESFA cup competitions scheduled to be played soon after we come back. We wish them good luck!


Many thanks,

Mr Baker

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