It has been an energetic first week back at school for Third Years. New boys are meeting new classmates and trying to work out how to get to unfamiliar classrooms. Sixth Form mentors have been on hand to help with this and other queries about school life. We hope that all boys are taking the opportunity to try new clubs and activities at the start of a new school year having had a relaxing summer break. Judging by the energy levels and achievements on Teambuilding Day this Tuesday, we have a lot to look forward to from Third Years in the year ahead.

Congratulations to Finlay Gray (3J) who has won two prestigious gymnastics competitions over the summer holidays. He won the gold medal at the Lisbon International competition in July and followed this up with a third successive team gold in his age category at the British Championships later the same month. Top effort Fin!

Freddie Rees (3F) feels like he is seeing the School from a new perspective as a Third Year and enjoys wearing the new Third Year tie. Qaasim Shar (3B) is enjoying the Hampton lunches and feels the pizzas are particularly noteworthy.

Arjun Paintal (3A) passed with distinction grade 5 piano over the summer, whilst Matthew Cresswell (3A) passed with distinction grade 7 piano. Also Rupert Reddish (3A) has had lots of music grade 5 success over the summer.

Lucas Hutton (3F) is pleased to be giving up Latin, but will miss Caecilius. David Ellis (3B) didn’t drop Latin but he still misses Caecilius.

Will Howard and Jake Amor (3F) are enjoying Hampton school lunches more than their old prep school lunches. Oscar Barrell (3B) has found an unexpected benefit of joining a huge school; he believes he is getting plenty of exercise just walking from lesson to lesson… move over Mo Farah!

Oscar Murphy and Shahryar Rezvani (3F) both volunteered for the role of Form Charity rep so they are going to share the role.

Kit Searle (3C) reports he has settled into life well in the Third Year and particularly liked asking life questions in RS with Mr Rowntree.

Lucas Mangham (3C) says he enjoyed the Teambuilding Day and suggested that the 3C position reflected the amount of effort which was applied to the tasks! Mr Saul agreed, but thought that 3C improved throughout the day! Angus Webber was just pleased they didn’t come last!

Fedor Ivanov (3B) had a somewhat traumatic start to his time here at Hampton when he was almost (but not quite) dropped in the “spiders web challenge” during teambuilding. In addition, he missed the school bus to get home on his first day as he was in mufti and the driver didn’t recognise him! Despite these early trials, Fedor has bonded with his form mates and is certain that things can only get better.

Jasper Griffin (3B) started the winning streak for 3B with the first merit of the form in Geography… this was rewarded with…. another merit from his proud Form Tutors.

Mr. Studt’s 3D say that coming 7th on Teambuilding Day was not the result they were looking for but they found solace in the fact that they got the fastest time in the number slap. Everybody enjoyed the day and there was general consensus that they now know each other better.





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