Welcome to the First Year weekly bulletin.  Every Friday, a report on life in the First Year will be published here.  You will be able to find out about the events and activities that have been keeping us busy – and we will be very busy over the coming weeks! – as well as providing the opportunity to recognise all the achievements within the Year, from merit certificates to hat-tricks for the football team, and from solo performances in concerts to the results of the Latin Reading competition.  We are keen to recognise as many individual successes as possible, so please encourage your son to come and tell us if they have accomplished anything noteworthy, either inside or out of school.

We have all been enjoying our first few days of the new year, and I know that the entire First Year team have been very impressed with the boys thus far.  They have been polite, enthusiastic and willing to throw themselves into the challenges of starting a new school wholeheartedly.  Uniforms have been immaculate so far, and long may this continue!  We understand that the Hampton School infrastructure is not the easiest to navigate, and although there have been a few occasions where boys have looked a little confused in the corridors, they have usually been able to find their way by asking another boy or member of staff for a little assistance. It may seem hard for them to believe right now, but they will know the place like the back of their hand before too long.

I’m sure the boys are looking forward to the trip to Avon Tyrrell next week.  We always have great fun down there, and it is amazing how much confidence they will gain in such a short time.  They will come back equipped with valuable life skills: communication, teamwork, problem solving, bed making… which we hope will be keenly put to good use at home.

So, congratulations to all the boys for successfully navigating their first week as Hamptonians.  We are sure they are ready for the weekend, and we look forward to seeing more good things on Monday.

Mrs J. Peattie, Mr T. Hill and Mr D. Roland

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