The entire First Year took part in a stage combat workshop led by Fight Instructor Dan Styles.

After a quick discussion about combat in the film and theatre industry, boys jumped to their feet and began warming up.

Dan taught the boys two introductory combat moves: a slap and a punch. Boys gasped with delight as they watched a short example given by Dan and his assistant Claire, following which, the boys were taught how to create the illusion of a real fight – the only difference being no contact or pain!

At the end of their session, the boys were able to choreograph a full fight, combining slaps, punches, hair pulling and arm locks. As well as practising the moves, the boys were encouraged to create a story around their confrontation and act out the emotion of the fight.

Once they had finished their combat workshop, each class left the Drama Hall brimming with excitement at their new-found stage skills.

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