IMG_4087Back in January 2015 members of the Hampton community were asked to donate cricket kit for children in Sri Lanka for the charity their future today. The response to the plea for cricket equipment was overwhelming and finally, after much negotiation with airlines and the Sri Lankan government, over 20 cricket bags full of kit have now safely arrived. Children who the charity helps are now able to own their very own cricket kit for the first time.

Their future today is a charity that has been run single handily for over a decade by Lynn Stanier to reunite children with their parents that have been separated by poverty. Lynn and her fantastic team aim to reunite these families as well as provide housing and education to enhance their lives. They are currently providing education for over 700 children; a number which is continuing to grow.

The School 1st XI will go on cricket tour later this year to Sri Lanka and have been invited to visit one of the schools and have a game with the children.


School counsellor and cricket coach, Mr Mark Samways, thanked the contributors to the donation:

“I personally express my gratitude for your kind and generous donations, It has taken almost 16 months for the equipment to arrive and now it truly will make an enormous difference to these children.”

Lynn also wanted to express her thanks:

‘‘To everyone who donated their unwanted cricket equipment last year, thank you , thank you, thank you from all the boys abandoned through poverty in institutions, who possess absolutely nothing. You made their day and probably their year! Please come and visit and play with them soon!”


To find out more about the charity, visit


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