We begin this week by hearing from two rising Maths stars; Jack Murphy (2P) and Nathan Murray (2W), who topped the recent Maths Challenge charts. Their impressive scores mean they qualify for the Junior Maths Olympiad next month.  Congratulations, Jack and Nathan, and well done to all boys who took part in the competition.  In total the Second Years achieved and impressive 55 gold certificates, 41 silver certificates and 35 bronze certificates.

‘I’m really thrilled to be in the next round of the maths challenge. My year is exceptionally good at maths so I am very happy to be competing for top spot. The test was quite difficult and it’s great to have scored such a high mark. It has made me more confident and proud about myself. Good luck to everybody else competing in the next round and well done to everybody for the first one!’  Jack Murphy – 2P

‘I was feeling really nervous when I first walked into that exam room for I hadn’t been doing well in previous tests and my reputation of being good at maths was dropping. So when my fingers rolled over the corner of the page I took a deep breath and begun. After the test I felt that it had gone really well but I never expected to get into the Olympiad! When I heard the result I was really pleased and I look forward to participating in the next round.’  Nathan Murray – 2W

Elsewhere, a number of budding Second Year golfers played an important role at last week’s Tri-Golf Tournament. Charlie Sutton reports:

‘Last week on Thursday, me and six others went along to help with the tri-golf tournament at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club. The tournament would lead to one school participating in the prestigious London Youth Games. There were eight stations that the schools needed to play, each of the Hampton boys would take one station, and the head professional at the golf club, Johnny Powell, would take another. This was a big responsibility on the Hampton boys’ part, as we had to explain what would happen on our particular station. The aim of the game was for the particular school to get as many points as possible. Each school got two minutes practice for the particular station, and 5 minutes to perform the actual point-scoring game. In the end, after two hours of solid golf on the kids’ behalf, it was Marshgate Primary School who finished victorious. Hampton had many thanks from the polite young kids that participated in the tournament. We left the golf club with our heads held high, and proud of a good day’s work.’ Charlie Sutton – 2L

Meanwhile the U13 cricket teams are back in fine form and have clocked up another two victories this week.  Tanmay Thanawalla’s reports bring us up to date with the latest action from the A team.

‘After a thriller with Colet Court on Monday, Hampton were determined not to let any more games slip from their grasp. It was a T20 match (a warmup for Monday) against St. Benedict’s As. Hampton won the toss and chose to bat first, with Dru Shori (2L) and Dylan Striker-Grimes (2B) opening up. We began slightly slowly, but some classy drives and pulls from both Dylan and Dru really gave us a positive boost. No bowler could dismiss either of the batsmen. Both were too solid for St.Benedicts. They saw through every bowler in the attack. It was then evident that they had both hit the highest  partnership of the season with over 100 runs. Not long after, Dru achieved a great 50. All the Hampton boys knew Dylan was close as well, but how close? We only knew he had hit a brilliant 48 after a great catch from mid-off sent him walking back. It was a solid, anchor innings and he was happy with his highest knock of the season (so far). Tanmay Thanawalla (2J) came in during the 18th over and ended up with 10*. But the fans had their hats off to Dru Shori after his pleasing 60*, finishing the batting innings.  Jack Slaney (2W) and Thomas Tomlin (2P) really set the mood at the start of the bowling innings. Bowling quick and accurate, St.Benedict’s could only scavenge a few singles. Pravin Kiritharan (2W) and Matthew Wilson (2H) also bowled brilliantly, and Arjun Samra (2W) managed to dismiss a solid batsman from their side in the late overs. However, standout bowler had to be Johnny Powell (2W), swinging the ball approximately a meter in the air before knocking the stumps out of the ground. Even after things seemed to get tense during the final overs, Hampton pulled through to win the match plenty of runs ahead.’

‘On Monday, Hampton were away at Downsend School Leatherhead for a T20 cup match. After a first glance at the Downsend ground, Hampton were puzzled as to why they were playing on a hill, but didn’t let it affect their performance. Once again, Hampton batted first, with Dylan Straker-Grimes (2B) and Dru Shori (2L) starting the innings off.  Downsend were happy after taking the rare wicket off Dru early in the innings, but Tanmay Thanawalla (2J) kept his nerve after some dodgy bounce on the wicket. Once again, Dylan was playing some proper cricket shots, cover driving up the hill for some flashy fours. But, Downsend were constricting the runs. Dylan and Tanmay had to really look to run the singles hard, always looking for one more. After another impressive innings, Dylan departed for 27. Tanmay and Pravin Kiritharan (2B) stuck around hitting some more, until Pravin lost his wicket through a great stumping from the wicketkeeper.’

‘Oscar Murphy (2J) came in next and hit some solid shots. Hampton were on around 85 when Tanmay reached his second fifty of the season. After an unlucky dismissal, Oscar Murphy departed, and Jack Slaney (2W) came in. After a few good shots, he too got out. Arjun Samra (2W) and Tanmay finished off the innings with some nice shots. Tanmay ended on 61*.’

‘Hampton’s bowling wasn’t unimpressive either. Jack Slaney and Thomas Tomlin (2P) were really aided by the pitch for some helpful bounce, resulting in some early wickets. Pravin Kiritharan bowled an excellent spell, with some great figures. The Downsend players didn’t know how to play his quick, accurate bowling. Matthew Wilson (2H) and Alfie Onslow (2H) were bowling well, but the Downsend players seemed to be hitting harder and further. Hampton had to up their game. Arjun Samra came on, bowled some great balls, but couldn’t dismiss their number five batsmen. It was a very close finish. It was the last over now, and skipper Dru Shori decided to bowl Johnny Powell (2W), the man in-form. After some close decisions and some lucky boundaries, Downsend needed four off the last ball. Johnny ran in and bowled… the perfect delivery! Downsend couldn’t get any runs off the ball and a desolate attempt of a quick single resulted in a run-out. Hampton had won and were through to the next round!’  Tanmay Thanawalla – 2J

Freddie Rees and Josh Bartholomew also bring good news from their matches against St Benedict’s:

‘On a cold and gloomy morning last Saturday Hampton B came up against Benedict’s Bs, a must- win game to put the Bs back on their winning streak. The two captains walked onto the wet pitch after the night’s rain and Benedict’s won the toss and elected to bowl. Openers Ollie Burke (2L) and Robbie Cox (2L) started well but after a while number 1 Robbie was dismissed. In came captain Will McLoughlin (2B) who, as always, smashed the ball around the ground to make his fifty, shortly after Ollie did the same with an impressive fifty whilst carrying his bat. The next batsmen, Ben MJ and Harry Ray (2L) also kept the runs ticking over with Ben making a quick 43. Before long the innings came to a close with Hampton on an impressive 212.  The two Bennies openers arrived at the crease but on only the second ball the number 2 departed without facing a ball. Every bowler supplied the team with wickets including Keiran Downer (2W) and Farhan Hussain (2B) who together managed six wickets. After 10 overs and 52 runs on the board the game was over with Hampton winning by an impressive 160 runs.  A great team performance with a tough rematch against RGS next weekend.’

Freddie Rees – 2L

‘On Saturday, Hampton faced off against St Benedict’s for the second time this season. Iestyn Humphrey (2B) and Josh Bartholomew (2L) opened the batting, and after he tripped over a bowler, Nathan Murray (2W) had to be called as a runner. Eventually, Iestyn fell for 58 after an opening partnership of 122, and Josh ended the innings on 52*.’   Josh Bartholomew – 2L

Next Dhru Dattani (2B) brings us this amazing report about the role of Karate in his life.  Thank you, Dhru, for sharing this detailed and inspiring story with us.

Karate: How a Korean martial art (Tan Soo Do) changed my life….

‘I am currently a 1st Dan Black Belt and going for my 2nd Dan during the summer, but it didn’t come easy like merits in this school! It’s easier to get carried away when you watch Karate Kid or watch UFC and want to be that invincible fighter but let me assure you that after 6 years of blood, sweat and smashed legs, learning and now teaching karate is much more about ‘focus, discipline and respect’  for an art form that dates back over 70 years.’

‘Besides the obvious benefits of learning a contact sport such as Karate of improving fitness and health and being able to protect yourself in life threatening situations, it promotes life skills such self-confidence, power and pride.’

‘In 2009, I joined a karate school in Dubai, the World Black Belt Centre run by Tang Soo Do Grand Master, Rio Altaie (7th Dan). I attended classes 2 to 3 times a week over 6 year period. I remember each grading from white belt to black belt with a real sense of achievement.  In fact, my black belt test lasted an entire day during which I had to break 10 adult (about 3 inch thick) boards, preform 10 forms and fight against 6 foot tall monsters and a man with knives.’

‘On returning to the UK, I contacted the European Moo Duk Tang Soo Do Federation which operates all over the UK and Europe. Master Ashok Kumar (8th Dan) and his son Master Anesh Kumar (6th Dan) have been practionner of Tang Soo Do for over 30 years.’

The next chapter…..

‘I was delighted when Master Ashok Kumar and Master Anesh Kumar agreed to establish a Tang Soo Do school in Richmond targeted at children aged between 5-18 years of age.  Thanks to his dedication to come down from Milton Keynes and with me teaching, I hope the school will do well in the future.’ 

‘Oscar Nolan and his siblings have joined the class and more people have joined from different schools’

‘Hopefully the school will do well in the near future and will do well in the upcoming British National Championship.’

Are you game to join….

Taster sessions take place every Sunday between 2.30p.m. and 3.30 p.m. at Cannons Gym, Richmond. Please e-mail bhav@bddattani.demon.co.uk to register your interest.’  Dhru Dattani – 2B

Finally we end our blog by congratulation the Second Years who have hit new merit milestones.  We say well done to Leo Gregory (30 merits), Tobias Droy and Ben Smith (40 merits), Freddie Hawkins (60 merits) and Anthony Wang (100 merits).

If your son has any news that should be mentioned in a future bulletin, please encourage him to see me in school or email me at f.byrne@hamptonschool.org.uk and I shall be delighted to include it.

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