Sixth formers take on foreign language debates

featuredThe annual French debating competition has long been a hotly-anticipated and highly-esteemed event in the French department’s diary. This year was certainly no exception and our impressive debating team, comprising of talented linguists Joel Hartikainen, Caspar Paton, William Hayes, Rohan Bhatia and Sam Nash, headed to St. Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith looking to take home the title.

In the weeks prior to the event itself, the boys engaged in rigorous research and keen preparation on these motions of debate:

  1. Les quotas de réfugiés pour chaque pays européen sont justes et nécessaires. Refugee quotas for each European country are fair and necessary
  2. Les parlements français et britannique ont eu raison de s’opposer à la légalisation de l’euthanasie active.French and British governments were right to oppose the legalisation of active euthanasia
  3. Face à la crise climatique, une fiscalité radicalement verte s’impose.
    A green tax would fundamentally be required in light of the current crisis on climate change

Armed with many convincing arguments, the boys took centre stage against other participating schools including St. Pauls, Eton, Godolphin, Latymer Upper and Wellington. The team delivered a strong performance, winning all three of their debates with good linguistic content and impressive delivery.

Although the boys did not progress to the next round, French teacher Mr Haig Agulian was impressed with the boys debating prowess:

“Despite missing out due to aggregated point differences, one must award full praise for their achievements on the night. Such competitions do not solely challenge the boys in their knowledge of a foreign language but also mark an equally rewarding insight into their linguistic maturity and cultural identity when one considers the high level of oral fluency, clarity, spontaneity and diplomacy required. A fully deserved chapeau to all! A huge merci to the boys for all their hard work, and the members of the French Department for their continued support with the boys’ preparation.”

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