This week the Second Year boys took to the stage over three nights to perform their devised pieces for parents and staff. There were some ambitious plots, original costumes and ground-breaking performances.

‘Tuesday’s plays were a great opportunity for all the Second Years to prove and show teachers and parents all the hard work we have put in over the last term.  Everyone involved performed very well and the plays were a great success. I’m sure all parents and teachers were impressed with the development of every student and hope that the students developed over the course of the performance.’   Albert Cloud – 2H

Some Second Years also performed on Saturday at the Choral Society Concert.

‘On Saturday, The Hampton choir joined forces with LEH to produce the Choral Society Concert. The group performed Verdi’s Requiem, which included an energy-sapping 83 page number named Dies Irae. The concert featured solos from four professional singers, and was a thoroughly enjoyable event.’  Josh Bartholomew – 2L

Further afield, Theo Bailey of 2L has been rubbing shoulders with some VIPs form the world of politics and show-biz.

‘Last Saturday I performed as Michael Ashcroft in a play that was performed for his 70th birthday party. Michael Ashcroft became England’s richest man by selling companies and being an MP. Every 10 years Michael Ashcroft’s huge office organises a massive birthday party. This time this huge party was held at the Grosvenor Hotel and 1,000 people attended. This 1,000 included Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Theresa May. I saw these three and they watched me perform. In addition to this the other performing acts beside me included Michael Buble, who was the head act, Jamie Raven, who is a well-known touring magician who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. My act consisted of me and one other actor who coincidentally wrote and sung the theme tune to the old children’s TV series Rainbow. This was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget, especially since this is my first professional acting job that I have had.’  Theo Bailey – 2L

In honour of British Science Week four lucky Second Years spent Thursday competing at the Salters’ Chemistry Festival at Brunel University. Joshua Carmody, of 2L, reports back to us.

‘On Thursday 17th March Anthony Wang (2H) , Saahil Dharwan (2H), Zachary Whelan (2J) and I, Josh, took part in the Salter’s Chemistry Festival at Brunel University. When we arrived we were given a warm welcome and were sent to a laboratory to begin our first practical challenge. This was the Salter’s challenge; it involved us solving a murder by using forensic methods such as: ink chromatography, deciphering code, riddle solving and analysing powder samples. We felt we had done well as a group and had a good chance of doing well.

‘During the lunch break we were set an element treasure hunt, we got ten just from our picnic table. We then went to explore the campus to look for examples of where the elements were being used, however, we dropped the papers at one point and they had been placed in the bin when we found them. The judges were puzzled as to how the answer sheets were in such a state (luckily it didn’t cost us any marks).

‘We then returned to the lab to do the University Challenge, this was a lot harder than the first challenge. It involved making the most concentrated dye possible from beetroot, our dye left a lot to be desired as it was not as dark as we would have hoped. But we excelled in the written work, where we had to determine whether a dye was made from plant or animal sources by using microscopes, answer questions on dyes and complete an extension task that looked at patterns in the molecular structure of fabrics and dyes that had good bonds (most concentrated colour). We felt our practical work was alright but our written work could keep us in contention.

‘Everyone was then given a lecture by a CLEAPSS chemist, we were shown many amazing reactions, including ‘golden rain’ to show precipitation and using a solution to complete a circuit. Then came the prize giving, all teams received a participation award but we wanted to go one further. We sadly didn’t get in the top three for the Salter’s challenge which was a surprise as we felt so confident of it. Fortunately, we did receive third place for the University Challenge and won a moly-mod kit for the chemistry department.  Overall we had a fantastic day and I strongly recommend it for anyone interested, I wish that there were more competitions that the school could enter like it as it combines competitiveness with science, this is a great combination.’ Joshua Carmody – 2L

This week also saw Hampton’s U13 teams rack up a number of victories on the sports pitches.

‘On a sunny afternoon, Monday 14th March, Hampton U13A played KCS Wimbledon on the 1st team pitch. The match started with end to end open play, but soon the deadlock was broken when Morgan Worsfold-Gregg (2W) shot from outside the box. His powerful strike was caught by the wind and flew into the top right hand corner to make it 1-0 to Hampton. Momentum was with Hampton, Declan Connolly (2J) ran onto a pass from Theo Radicopoulos (2J) to make it 2-0. Declan Connolly added his second and a third for Hampton, putting them in a comfortable position, with another goal following good link up play outside of the penalty area with Sami Omar (2J). After a great save from Harry Atwell to keep the score 3-0 Hampton increased their lead with Shahryar Rezvani (2J) following up a narrow miss from Theo Radicopoulos (2J) to make it 4-0 Hampton. With players tiring, the game opened up more, KCS narrowly missed a couple of clear chances on goal. As the half time approached Declan Connolly controlled a pass from Nathan Chaplow (2J) to slot home in the corner, securing his hat-trick and making the score 5-0. In the second half the game became scrappy and Hampton conceded early on from a corner. After more end to end excitement, a lot of chances were missed by both sides, the game was finished off in the last 5 minutes as Morgan Worsfold-Gregg (2W) followed in a cross from Alasdair Bolling (2W) to make it 6-1. It was a great game and good practice for our approaching Surrey Cup Final, we hope that Whitgift get through the quarter and semi- finals so we get revenge on our loss in the ISFA cup.’ Declan Connolly – 2J

‘The B team played the red shirted Kings College on a sunny Monday afternoon. The team fought with courage for the first 30 minutes however no goals were produced. After an exciting half-time pep-talk from our manager Mr Partridge we set off onto the field with a desire to win.  After starting off slowly, in the second half it all clicked.  The wind had begun to pick up when Haris Williams (2W) scored a tremendous goal.  With a slight weight lifted off our shoulders and substitutions warming up we felt in high spirits.  With a change and new fresh players our hopes were high and James McMullin (2H) scored a great deflection goal at the back post.  After another substitution one of KCS Wimbledon’s players scored a bicycle kick.  However we did not give in and did not let in another goal to make the final score 2-1 to Hampton.’ Josh Culsahw, 2J, and Dru Shori, 2L.

‘On the 14th of March, the U13 As rugby team participated in the Roslyn Park National Sevens Tournament. We won our first match Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern 36-7. Our second match was against the Judd school which we won 22-12. Our last group match was against Stockport Grammer which we narrowly won 24-19. Our first knockout game was against St Dunstan’s College which we cruised through winning 43-0. The last match of the day was against Bishop’s Stortford High School. We lost 33-17, it was a very challenging match, however we played very well.’  Matt Le Moign, 2H, and Jesper Hartikainen, 2B

We wish all our players the best of luck in the final matches of this term.

Let’s end this week’s blog by saying well done to the Second Years who have achieved new merit milestones.  Congratulations go to Alasdair Bolling (10 merits), JJ Harrison and Nathan Murray (20 merits), Alex McMillan and Saahil Dhawan (30 merits), Jack Slaney (40 merits) and Anthony Wang (90 merits).

If your son has any news that should be mentioned in a future bulletin, please do encourage them to see me in school or email me at and I shall be delighted to include it.

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