Hampton’s First and Second Years compete in the wilds of the Surrey countryside

A fine day of paintballing was enjoyed by 32 boys and six members of staff, who tackled the cold to experience ferocious, but fun,combat. The boys and teachers were split into two teams, the fierce ‘Yellows’ and the savage ‘Purples,’ who fought for a total of 11 games for the bragging rights of being the ‘team of the day.’

Both squads were neck and neck for most of the day’s play as action moved from a wooden fort to a futuristic space-scape to a Vietnam War era town. However, after a pizza lunch, despite the yellows’ sterling effort they succumbed to the purple team’s persistence and dedication.

All the boys and teachers had a great time, and incidences of ‘friendly fire’ and breaches of the ‘three metre rule’ were soon forgotten. Special congratulations go to Joshua Ross and Joe Barnes for winning the ‘Top Gun’ awards for the best performances of the day.

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