Shakespeare’s classic history is brought to life at Hampton

Murder, conspiracy and manipulation; all present during the performance of Julius Caesar.  This joint Hampton and Lady Eleanor Holles production, directed by Helen Carmichael, took the audience on a dark journey, witnessing the downfall of the eponymous leader as his ambition overtook his honour.

A company of 28 actors took to the stage to tell the bloody story of Caesar’s assassination. Elly Roberts, LEH, perfectly captured the cunning and tactical nature of Cassius, setting the conspiracy in motion. Harry Gray poignantly illustrated Brutus’ emotional turmoil following Caesar’s murder, which led to his own inevitable death. Duncan Boyle captured the essence of the fiercely loyal and passionate Anthony as he rallied the plebians to take action against the senators’ uprising. Special mention must also go to Ruairi Pyrgos (Julius Caesar) and Ellen Davies (Portia) for their evocative and driven performances.

The production was beautifully accompanied by an original score, composed by Thomas Duggan, Edward Owens and Angus Shennan. The contrasting character emotions were captured in the live accompaniment, through a range of lyrical and dark unsettling musical motifs, not to mention a lamenting dirge which tugged at the heartstrings when Caesar’s body was shown to the citizens.

A host of locations were depicted through the use of clever projections; one minute the audience was in the senate, the next, a battlefield. The central feature was a high platform which provided the perfect spot on which Anthony could deliver his infamous ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen’ monologue

Director of Performing Arts, Miss Victoria Buse, praised the cast on the success of the production:

“The company gave an excellent performance, effortlessly delivering the Bard’s verse, showing sensitivity and commitment to character and text. Congratulations to all involved.”

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