Fourth Year chemists excel to reach regional final

A team of Fourth Year Hamptonians have qualified for the next round of the RSC Chemistry Challenge, scoring highly with an impressive performance.

Team Radioactive was one of six Hampton teams who took part in the first stage of the competition last term, which took the form of a challenging quiz. The team, comprising of Tim Wallace, Seash Jeyarajan, Matthew Markham and Adam Loweth achieved the highest score in the Chilterns and Middlesex Section and will now go onto the Final at Imperial College London.

The Chemistry Challenge is a competition run by the Royal Society of Chemistry for schools and science clubs in the South-East of England. The winner from each Section takes part in the South-East Regional Final of the Chemistry Challenge later in the Spring Term. The Final is designed to test the teams’ ingenuity and teamwork, as well as their general and chemical knowledge. It also includes a practical task designed to challenge the team’s skills in the laboratory.

The School is looking forward to seeing what the team can do later in the term at Imperial!

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